Voiced by: Yui HORIE 堀江由衣



Yamada attends the same class as Kaizou, Umi and Chitan and is the class president there. She is often described as beautiful and popular by other characters. Has a great appetite for Yakisoba-Bread. Often screams for help because she usually is among the first victims of former Genius Cram School students.


Yamada has a kind of complex considering her first name which is never said throughout the whole series. In one chapter, she "recalls" a memory from her childhood (which turns out the be completely made up) in which her parents call her Sayaka. There is no clue however, if this is her real firstname. It might just be a name she would like to have as a first name since it seems her first name is a very terrible one. In another chapter, Yamada reveals that the (first?) Kanji her name is written with contains the part 辶, but she can't remember her full name anymore.


Her family consists of her Father, Saburou, and her mother (Name unknown, once appears under the Name "Love Shadow Sensei" ラヴ影先生 (ravu kage sensei) and in SZS as "Love Jizou" ラヴ地蔵) with whom she lives together in a tiny shabby house that frequently changes its location.
Mr. Yamada is a former member of an Igaten-Band and quit his job when he started the band, Mrs. Yamada seems to be a professional in teaching people the right pronunciation of the word "Love".


Yamada actually keeps all the former Genius Cram School students out of Torauma High School in later chapters (together with Chitan's brother Satan), which makes it possible for KK to be a "lukewarm gag manga".
Spoilers (highlight to read):
For a short time, Yamada goes out with Kaizou.
In later chapters she is shown to act somewhat lovey-dovey towards Satan.

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