Umi Natori

Voiced by: Eri KITAMURA 喜多村英梨



Kaizou's childhood friend who feels responsible for the way Kaizou turned out. When they were 7 years old, she kicked him from a jungle gym on the playground. Has a love interest in Kaizou and (therefore?) would like the comic to become a romcom. Member of the Science/Special Investigation club. She has a dark side to her, the features concerning this have somehow carried on to Chiri from SZS.
Umi is also shown as having no friends at all and being unable to read the mood.


Umi has long hair, usually shown to be brown, which she wears in many different ways (though the actual length never changes). Her eyes are depicted as brown on color pics.


Spelled as 名取羽美 NATORI Umi. Natori 名取(り) literally means "accredited master" (of a buddhist school etc.), Umi is spelled with the character for "wing" 羽 and the one for "beauty" 美. The whole name also seems to be a pun on the japanese word for sodium, Natoriumu ナトリウム (from German "Natrium" - that's why you could spell it ナトリウミ, too.)


Umi's family for the first half of the series consists of her mother (obviously a housewife), her father (typical Japanese office worker) and a little brother (in elementary school).
Spoiler (highlight to read):
Ca. in the second half of the series, Umi's father loses his job and her home starts to fall apart. Therefore, she is taken in by Kaizou's mother and lives in Kaizou's closet from then on.


A lot of traumatic experiences Kaizou had as a child were caused by Umi.
Spoilers (highlight to read):
Umi possesses an insane amount of voodoo dolls and is able to cast heavy curses.
She can even be frightening enough to bring Kaizou back to life in one chapter, because he is afraid of her after she entered his subconsciousness.

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