Tarou Maria Sekiutsu
Name Tarou Maria Sekiutsu
Birthday — —
Student Number No. 11
First Appeared in Chapter 9 (Introduced)
Episode —

Voiced by: Miyuki SAWASHIRO 沢城みゆき
(intro paragraph)


A cheerful, mischievous illegal immigrant.


Given name is Maria. "Sekiutsu Tarou" is a pun on seki uttarou, "I'll sell my name"; she purchased her Japanese name and seat number from a former student who sold all his possessions, including his name and seat number. Nicknamed "Mataro", after a character from a childrens' book.




Usually refers to self in the third person.

Frequently comments on goings-on from the point of view of an innocent, detached outsider. Often gets the "last word" in chapters; this is particularly noticeable in the anime.

Lives in an abandoned apartment with dozens of other illegal immigrants, as seen in (for example) chapters 9, 62, and 79. Her complexion and the various depictions of her original country suggest that she is Filipino.

She appears to be significantly younger than the other members of Class 2-F; her exact age is unknown but she depicted as taller than elementary school students (in Chapter 23) but shorter than Meru (in Chapter 188).

Refuses to wear shoes or panties.

Gets along well with Chiri and frequently assists her in her various rampages.

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