Zetsubou Sensei Chapters

Volume 1

001. Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei
002. Zetsubou-Sensei Returns
003. Beyond the Tunnel Was Whiteness
004. Before Me, There's No One; Behind Me, There's You
005. Not Losing to Elbows, Not Losing To Knees
006. Fly Over That Country to Come Here
007. The Antenna is Rising...We Must Attempt to Live!
008. Align Your Books Precisely on the Shelves, Go Out into the Streets!
009. No Matter What, We Must Stick Together
010. This Class Has Many Problems, Please Understand

Volume 2

011. May the Moon of This Month's Evening Cloud Over with My Tears
012. Your Front Hair Swept Back for the First Time
013. Though Shalt Not Know
014. I'm Predestined to Be in the Shadows
015. Confessions of a Pen Name
016. The People Are at the Breaking Point
017. Sister-in-law, I'm an Aristocrat
018. Leap Before You Lock Eyes
019. That Is Why You Are Unable to Flee, Follow Me! Philostratus
020. Because It Is So Unstable, I Went to Search the Skies

Volume 3

021. It's Way Too Gross in This Sad Town
022. I've Read Books Full of Shame
023. A Cultured Man Was Waiting for the Rain to Stop Under the Rashomon Gate
024. The Namayatsuhashi Must Be Burned
025. I Am Amakudari. I Still Don't Have Any Work to Do
026. As Gregor Samsa Awoke One Morning He Found Himself Carrying a Mikoshi
027. Evening Primroses on Mt. Fuji Are a Mistake
028. I Was Thinking of Proving It This New Year
029. Because of My Hereditary Lack of Energy, I Have Been Hibernating Since Childhood
030. The Musashino of Today is Shrouded in Darkness

Volume 4

031. The Thrownaway Bronze
032. I'm Sorry For Being Born on November 4th
033. How Do I Organize This One Space?
034. Well, 'Tis Better to be a Couple Than to Be by Oneself
035. I've Always Called That Person a Leftover
036. Tsugaru Correspondence School
037. Ah, Silence...
038. Chocolates Returned Without Hesitation
039. The Story Of Jiro
040. Life Is Like A One-Tier Doll Display

Volume 5

041. The White Lie
042. Detox
043. Goodbye, Snow
044. The Restaurant That Never Takes Orders
045. Weighing In
046. Vita Sexualis
047. The Story of Dreamless Houichi
048. Be Prepared
049. The Secret Code
050. Wake Up, Old-fashioned Folks

Volume 6

051. The Pororoca Wave
052. On the Assumption That We're Brother and Sister
053. Respect the Original
054. The Cat Who'd Heard It a Million Times
055. What a Pain
056. The Situation Is Terminal
057. The Benefits of Zero
058. The Almost-Transparent-Failure Blues
059. Avoiding Love in the Center of the World
060. The Silver Time Difference

Volume 7

061. A Life Without Connections
062. 100 Inconveniences
063. Prioritize This!
064. Cowards Come in Groups
065. The Half Police Report
066. The Worthless Opera
067. Whose Money Is It Anyway?
068. Map of the Humanities
069. Confusing Names
070. The Shield

Volume 8

071. Duty and Soldier
072. Gone with the Numbers
073. Shichigosan-Shirou
074. You're Seventeen Years Old... Don't You Wanna Grab Your Wrinkles?
075. Matasaburou Gets a Cold
076. Unwanted Items in the Tempei Era
077. The Turtle's Fraud
078. A Woman's Role
079. The Baby Who Swallowed a Go Stone
080. The Not So Narrow Gateaway

Volume 9

081. Discharge of a Strange Kamaukra Temple
082. Big Chocolate Forest
083. No Longer Shogun
084. Japan's Attached Chronicle
085. Ornaments at Tiffany's
086. Meganekko's House
087. Love and ConQuest's Fascism
088. The Biggest April Fool
089. Yada-Chan Said "It's a Recharge" in a Small Voice
090. "Don't Say it so Casually!" The Melos of a Furious Rebuttal

Volume 10

091. If You Work By Reason, You Grow Rough-Edged; If You Choose to Oar Into Sentiment's Stream, It Will Sweep You Away. Demanding Your Own Way Only Serves to Constrain You. However You Look At It, the Human World is a Three-Way Standoff.
092. Time To Celebrate, Though There's Nothing In This World Worth Celebrating
093. I'm Telling You, I'm Not Myself These Days. Every Little Thing Makes Me So Mad.
094. When The Fruits of Exposure Ripen
095. You Must Profit From Disaster At Kinkaku
096. I Will Not Return To Japan. I Could Not Make That Promise.
097. Concealment in the Ranks
098. The Serene Realm Beyond Entitlement
099. A Landing Amply Rewarded
100. A Roadside Artist

Volume 11

101. All Quiet on the Unnecessary Front
102. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seed
103. Wuthering Blights
104. Doctor Kahogo
105. The Releaser in the Rye
106. Rekka-Ryusui
107. Spy Nut Pudding
108. The Off-Guard Road to the Interior
109. Banned Abstract
110. Hear the Wind Sleep

Volume 12

111. The First-Timer Condition
112. Daidoji Shinsuke: The Voice
113. Naomi (A Fool's "It's Hot")
114. Adult Go-Ahead
115. The Double-Binders
116. The Last Defoliation
117. The Grapes of Disappointment
118. Hunt of a New Laborer
119. Multiple Full Circles
120. One Thousand and One Christmasses

Volume 13

121. Individualism Delivery
122. The Comparison of the Cliff
123. Patientesque
124. Crisis Became a Bitch
125. The Records of the East Bean Throwing Night
126. Sweet Princess
127. The Road to Paradise
128. The Measles of Madison County
129. Time Tales of Russia
130. The Novel That Lost

Volume 14

131. The Forest of the Chosen Flower
132. Woman in the Golden Sand
133. The Murders in the Excluded Street
134. The Summer Postman Always Rings Twice
135. Chapayev and Elimination
136. Demonstration Aim
137. Only Yesterday
138. It Is Said That Procedural Happiness Is the Root of All Evil
139. Determination of Innocence
140. The World with Words

Volume 15

141. How I Became an Honest Man
142. Shame and Egg
143. June's Modified Cross-Chest Hold
144. Life Without Summing Up
145. Celebration's Pedigree
146. Itako & Rabbit
147. Kyougen with Teriyaki
148. In Search of lost Punchline
149. Dialog in the Dark
150. Notice from the Ministry of Prognostication

Volume 16

151. Personal Appearance Pacification Troupe
152. Where the Silent Ones Went, Nobody Knows
153. "Ah, It's a Surprise," I Grumbled to Myself
154. Possessive Woman
155. Umoresque
156. You Know, That Neighboring Country
157. Night of Polygon
158. The Android is having a Dream of being a Bride Mechanism
159. The Kimono the Nitpicking Scholar Saw
160. The Last, and Thus the First Enoden

Volume 17

161. Stylish!
162. The Great Getaway
163. The Tragedy of X
164. The Round Trip Prince
165. The Group with Confession Silk Crepe
166. The Adventures of Ah and Leap and Bii
167. Harupin's One Arrow
168. Reduced Love Fortune Telling
169. Jeremy Thatcher, Driving Contest Hatcher
170. Third Time's the Charm

Volume 18

171. The Forceful Window
172. The Right Answer Thirty Years Later
173. How Are Your Origins Today?
174. Excess Massage
175. Unendable Truth
176. The Egg of the Crack
177. It is Generally a Man Who Writes What is Called a Dream Diary, but Now a Woman Will See What She Can Do
178. A Buried, Harmful Secret
179. We Are Linus
180. Tacit Fairy Tale

Volume 19

181. Virus General Son Ba Yu and the Three Doctor Brothers
182. The Bystanders
183. An Encouragement of House Arrest
184. Fashion is Short, So Run On, You Maiden!
185. The Screw-Up Bird Chronicle
186. A Chest of Poor People
187. The Vendetta at Wrong-Letter Gahara
188. Mr. Overlapped's Curry-Rice
189. People I Summer
190. Scatter, Scatter and Gather

Volume 20

196. Combitems

Volume 21

201. -
202. -
203. -
204. -
205. -
206. -
207. Tragedy of the Inset-Sea
208. My Sister's Guardian
209. The Great Levy
210. Bean Throwing Gonoshin

Volume 22

211. The Normal Man Who Knew Too Much
212. Etsuko's Role Reversal
213. If Minds Had Deep Toes
214. Sliding New World!
215. The Substitute Hina Doll's Love Song

Volume 23

221. The Flying Miranda-Man
222. The Ground Would Rather Be Poor Than Lucky
223. Pluck or No Pluck?
224. You Shall Understand at a Glance that this God has just been Born
225. Seibee Has Become the Gourd; The Gourd Has Become Seibee
226. The Bridegroom Village and the Nobles
227. Separate And Cut It Off Are Things You Say To People With Tails
228. Denominator Change
229. "Let There Be Light." And There Was Wakame
230. Old People Cast Off Nets and Stuff

Volume 24

231. Christ in Nyanking
232. Hanshichi Exhibition Story
233. An Alibi of 40 Days and 40 Nights
234. Rock and Roll Party After Radiation
235. You Mustn't Tell It the First Move
236. Lateness * Zither * Chrysanthemum
237. Whether You're Looked At Or Not is My Indirectness
238. This Road is the Road I Never Pass
239. The Group is Slacking Off
240. Guri and Gudaguda's Kind Decision

Volume 25

241. Halloween in the First Year of the Epidemic Era
242. This is Too Young to Say It's in the Stable Period
243. The Frequent Flying Classroom
244. For the Last Five or Six Years, He Has Had an Extraordinary Craving For Roasted Potatoes
245. Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Misguided Equality Among Men
246. Sa-club
247. Like the Full Moon I Shine, Uncovered By Any Anger
248. Seven Little Herbs
249. Ivan The Half
250. A Minute Cup of Expresso

Volume 26

251.The Refugees Coming Into the World
252.Entering the Futon Feels Good
253.The Structure of "Going Too Far"
254.The Sea of withered Walls
255.From the Time I Was a Boy the Reckless Streak That Runs in My Family Has Made Me See Nothing but Identical Numbers
256.Don't Leave, Otsuberu and Elephant!
260.It's Not That I Don't Have Angles

Volume 27

261. In Spring, It Is Dawn. The Sky At The Edge Of Quitting Is Getting Brighter
262. Kiri's Search for Meaning
263. Portraits of After All Students
264. Mutual Meeting
265. Rainleon Diary
266. Memos Above the Bamboo Leaf
267. From Japan During Electricity Saving
268. The Expansion of Pay
269. The Summer Guy
270. Children of the Substitute
271. What is Activity?

Volume 28

272. Japan, the Ambiguous, and Appearance
273. Since It's So Vague, I Feel Insecurity
274. He Really Is A Nice Samaritan. It's Good To Have Such A Nice Samaritan Around.
275. One Tenth's Labor
276. Tristes Absolus
277. Fair, Then Partly Spoilery
278. Tales of Nise
279. Essays in Fishiness
280. The NEET That Leapt Through Time
281. The Love Suicide Attemts at Sonezaki

Volume 29

282. Over The Mountain Range is the Same Person as Well
283. Uji Juui Story
284. //Title coming soon//
285. //Title coming soon//
286. //Title coming soon//
287. //Title coming soon//
288. //Title coming soon//
289. Second Second Happy
290. The Eyes of Attendance No. 23
291. //Title coming soon//

Volume 30

292. The Replacelings
293. Fantasy Sensei
294. Between Admission & Graduation
295. In the Cool
296. New * Declaration * People
297. Five (More) Melancholies
298. Welcome, Zetsubou Sensei
299. The Happy Girls of the Class of Despair
300. The Kafuka We Knew was Like an Angel
301. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
302. As One Possibility: Chapter 30x

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