Chapter 302 - As One Possibility: Chapter 30x


Kumeta-sensei trying to have it both ways here; this is certainly an epilogue, and the only one provided, so Harem End is currently your canon finish.

Published August 17, 2012 with the first tankōbon printing for volume 30.

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P4 …Dreaming Souls Truth Extra

The Japanese name is Bessatsu Jijitsu Mukon 別冊事実夢魂. While "Mukon" is written as "Souls of Dreaming People" (<- Dreaming Souls), if it's written in different Kanji, the word can also mean "without proof", making the name of this magazine sound like "Truth Without Proof"

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P2 …interesting for a third-rate magazine

The term she actually uses is a "third-rate Kasutori-magazine". Kasutori actually refers to shôchû made from sake-lees (Kasu) instead of rice or sweet potato. It was used in the early showa era to also refer to magazines that usually talked about red-light-district stuff and had little success, often being stopped after only a few issues.

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