Chapter 300 - The Kafuka-chan We Knew Was Like An Angel


The Kafuka-chan We Knew Was Like An Angel
This is a reference to a line from Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human" that goes "The Yô-chan we knew […] was like a god".

First published June 6, 2012

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P2 Influential family

Reference to the Itoshiki family originally being stand-ins for the Tokita family.

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P2 Hyakumi Sho

The kanji used for the name 百見署 read "hundred" "see" "(police) station". This is actually the name of the district police station in the next chapter, too, which would seem to be quite a coincidence. In any case, seems to be a tongue in the cheek reference to the cliche police procedural as in "police station you've seen a 100 times on TV". 百味 also read hyakumi also means "all kinds of food" so phonetically the name could also be interpreted as "variety food show".

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P3 Shared fantasy

Previously covered in chapter 293.

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Transplant Coordinator

A coordinator in this case is somebody who accompanies the family of a (deceased) donor or the recipient and their family before and after the transplant. It seems like Chie has been in charge of the whole Akagi An case.

P4 Organic Memory

Previously covered in chapter 296.

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P1 Background

This background was taken from the book "Kaitai Shinsho" (New text on anatomy/dissection) by Sugita Genpaku. It's a Japanese translation of a Dutch translation of a German anatomy book called "Anatomische Tabellen" (Anatomic charts) with the contents of some other books worked into it as well and was published in 1774. (see

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P1 Donor card

The text is the actual verbatim text of a Japanese organ donor card. The signature is dated April 27, 2005, the day the first chapter of SZS was published in Weekly Shōnen magazine.

Before July 16 2010, any person over the age of 15 could not have their organs transplanted without a signed donor card; after this date, donation can be made with the consent of family if the person is declared brain dead.

P3 Reverse Pinoko

Pinoko is the name of Black Jack's assistant (from the manga Black Jack). She's a kind of artificially built human who used to be a parasitic twin with her organs being all over the place in her twin sister's body. Black Jack gave her her own body.

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Used elsewhere in the series as shorthand for "Pen Name", it is revealed here to also be the abbreviation for "Personality".

P5 Library Book card

The Ze 2 Bo with the number can be read as zetsubō minna-san sayonara (Despair, goodbye everyone). The Bunkyo-ku Koishikawa Library is an actual library.

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