Chapter 298 - Welcome, Zetsubou Sensei


Welcome, Zetsubou Sensei

First published May 23, 2012.

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P5 "Wrong kanji"

Both "register" and "seat" are pronounced seki in Japanese.

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P6 The Aogeba Tōtoshi

The girls are singing a song traditionally sung at graduation ceremonies in Japan during the Shōwa period, the Aogeba Tōtoshi. Ironically, the song is apparently a translation of a 19th century American song with the same purpose.

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P1 Posthumous Names 戒名 kaimyō

We've covered this before in SZS, the Buddhist posthumous name is one bestowed by a temple to devout (and generous) followers (or for a fee to the less generous) that represents the deceased in poetic terms usually extolling their virtues or piety in life. The longer the name, the more prestigious. This was originally an honor reserved for the Imperial family and later other nobles, but which became a status item during the Edo period among the increasingly wealthy merchant class.

The word translated as "Miss" here is used for the posthumous names of girls that have died before becoming adults.

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P1 Additional Posthumous Names

The names not already footnoted in the scanlated version:

  • Hitō Nami - Uzain Mukoseina means "Annoying and without a unique personality"
  • Kobushi Abiru - Nyuutaiin Kurikaeshi means "Always going in and out of hospital"
  • Tarō Maria Sekiutsu - Nanmiin Mitsukattarou means "You've found a refugee, haven't you"

P1 The Desk Shrines

By columns from the right rear forward.

  • Mushrooms - Maria
  • Box with sign "artificial flowers" - Manami
  • Baseball bat with character 魔 (demon) - Mayo
  • Empty desk - ?
  • Pair of books - ?
  • Shovel and seal (封) - Chiri
  • Tails - Abiru
  • Pair of balls - could be Marui
  • Kokeshi dolls - Kiri (these are associated with zashiki warashi)
  • Ramen bowls - Nami
  • Cellphone - Meru
  • AKBN vase - AKaBane84 reference, so could be Miko or Shōko
  • Crab - Ai (the sign 謝 ayamaru means "to apologize")
  • Smash G-AGE doujins - Harumi (these appeared previously in chapter 286)
  • Telephone book - ?
  • CDs - probably either Miko or Shōko for the same AKaBane84 reason
  • Tree with sign 告訴 (lawsuit) and kappa - Kaere (Kaere once revealed her embarrassing wish was to see a kappa)
  • Laptop - Kotonon

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P1 Island scene

This scene was used as a "trailer" for Zetsubou-Sensei before it started serialization.

P3 3.1 people

The 3.1 is a reference to the 31 heroines in Negima!

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