Chapter 296 - New * Declaration * People


New * Declaration * People = 新・陳・人
Japanese reads "shin chin jin", apparently a play on the title "kami doro hito", a book by Japanese author KAI Daisaku.

First published April 11, 2012.

Title Page (p70)

- Note that Fuura Kafuka does not appear with the rest of the class.

Page 1 (p71)

P1 Sign 3.1-F

Closing in on the finale for the seniors of class 3-F.

Page 3 (p73)

P1 Blackboard

Wednesday, April 11 - Day Duty (Tsunetsuki / Marui)

Page 4 (p74)

P1 Nami's Posthumous Buddhist Name

The name on the pillar reads "Hitonamifutsuumenjoshi" meaning something like "Average ordinary noodle woman".

Page 5 (p75)

P6 Nami portraits

3rd from left is how Nami first appeared in Chapter 10; all of these are Nami variations through the series.

Page 6 (p76)

P5 Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club!

The two pages are from Kumeta's debut work "Yuke! Nangoku Ice Hockey-bu". Kumeta changed his art style drastically when he switched from hand-drawn pages to drawing on the computer. The storytelling would also shift from sports comedy to dirty gags with some sport elements.

P7 Naoto Kan

The pictures both show former prime minister Naoto KAN. As a student, he had been involved in left-wing extremist activities.

Page 7 (p77)

P2 No! sign holder

The person depicted is an actor names YAMAMOTO Tarou. Before becoming an actor, he appeared on a TV program that had a "High School Koshien Dance"-section in which he would do silly gags wearing goggles and swimwear.

P3 …but she turned out like this

ONITSUKA Chihiro, female singer-songwriter. She used to be dressed pretty plainly but changed to a more eccentric style. Apparently, this has been discussed wildly on the net.

P4 …turn into this

Depicted is the talent Kaba.chan. He used to be part of a dance group and more of the silent type, but after openly admitting he's gay in 2002, he started acting as the eccentric gay/transgender type of tarento on several variety shows (I guess that's the only way to actually get accepted as a gay person in Japan -_- ). He's also the one who plays the donut shop "lady" in Kamen Rider Wizard.

P5 Despair List

  • Let me remind you of the song lyrics that say "Don't turn around Amuro"

That's part of the lyrics of a Mobile Suit Gundam-Ending. In Japanese, it reads "furimukuna, amuro". Amuro is the name of a character.

  • Yuna in the first and the second half

Yuna's character is pretty different in Final Fantasy X-2 if you compare it to how she acts in FFX.

  • Asahi before and after the war

Asahi used to be a pretty militarist newspaper, but changed to a more "left" style (or what Japanese people think is left :S ) after WWII.

  • Chrono Trigger -> Chrono Chross

Chrono Chross is supposed to be a sequel to Chrono Trigger, but seems like an entirely different thing.

  • Ohara Itoko (till 60) -> Ohara Itoko (72 onwards)

Ohara Itoko is the main character of NHK's 2012 morning telenovela "Carnation". Up until the age of 60, she's portrayed by actress Ono Machiko, but from the age of 72 (guess there's a time jump), her actress changes to Natsuki Mari.

  • Dame-Oyaji's Onibaba

Dame-Oyaji is the name of a manga series. Onibaba is a character from this series and the main character's wife. In the beginning, she's depicted as a stereotypically bad wife, but this completely changes when her husband gets a better job.

P7 Ship of Theseus

The philosophical paradox referred to on the next page.

Page 8 (p78)

P5 Things that are only names now.

The "So" on the bulding refers to Sony. They are highly in debt and while they were known as a company producing HiFi-related eletrocnics, they're nowadays known for games, music, anime (Aniplex is a Sony company) and even finances.
The "ND DOG" on the CD refers to the Band "Hound Dog" that currently consists of just one member.

Page 10 (p80)

P9 Transplant Memory

There's a theory that organs and cells have their own memory, known as "body memory". There also is another theory that this kind of body memory can be passed on with organs if they're donated to another person. Case cited is that of Sylvia Claire. (Seeing as this ran in the Daily Mail, it might be suspect…)

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