Chapter 295 - In the Cool


Reference to the eponymous short story "In the Pool" from the collection by 奥田英朗 Hideo Okuda.
"In the Pool" was made into a movie in 2005. Okuda's The Flying Trapeze was animated as the anime Trapeze in 2009.

First published April 4, 2012.

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HIIA Rocket

Nami is quite normally riding a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries HIIA booster, capable of putting 6 tons of ramen into low earth orbit. She's packing a beam rifle from the RX-78-2 Gundam.

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P1 "It's me it's me" fraud

In Japanese, "ore ore" fraud. Phone scam where con artists call up usually elderly victims that may be hearing or cognitively impaired and claim to be an unspecified family member in trouble that needs to be wired cash immediately, simply announcing "It's me" in the hope that the victim will provide a name of a family member that they assume would be calling them.

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P6 7 More Left

Chapter countdown to the end of the series, counting this one.

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P4 Fukuoka Tower

At 234m in height, Fukuoka Tower is the tallest seaside structure in Japan. It was designed by Nikken Sekkei, also the designer of the Tokyo SkyTree.

P6 1000 Series Ginza Line

On April 11, 2012, the 1000 series trains began commercial operation on the Tokyo Ginza line. The trains feature a retro design intended to recall the original 1927 1000 series trains that were the first that operated in the Tokyo subway system, down to their yellow color scheme.

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P3 Never look at the subway map

There are a total of 13 train lines that cover the Tokyo metropolitan area. Even experienced Tokyo train commuters have to consult maps if heading to an unfamiliar area. By contrast, the number of train line in other major metro areas of Japan: Osaka (8 lines), Nagoya (6 lines), Sapporo and Fukuoka (3 lines), Yokohama, Kyoto and Kobe (2 lines), Sendai (1 line).

P10 Avoid the scramble crossing

It's possible to traverse the famous Shibuya criss-cross intersection by going through the underground shopping area beneath it.

P11 Acchan's graduation

Reference to AKB48's Atsuko Maeda, who announced her departure from the group after a performance at Saitama Super Arena on March 25, 2012.

P13 30000 Ri Pharmacy

The Sanzenri Pharmacy located at the Shibuya scramble crossing is well-known for it's giant video display screen.

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P1 Cool Japan

Cool Japan was adopted by the Japanese government in 2010 as an initiative.

P2 10Q

The famous Shibuya 109 "ichi maru kyū" department store, here relabeled with a reference to the "Coenzyme 10Q" gag mentioned multiple times in the manga. The other signage here are all references to well-known shops in Shibuya.

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P8 Cool female character

Evangelion's Rei in a yukata, this was actually used on a poster by the Japan National Tourist Office.

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P3 Telephone number "03-506506"

A goroawase or number mnemonic translating as "ko-ru ko-ru" or "Call Call".

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P4 Murder License Kiba and Black Angels

The Hiramatsu Shinji manga "Black Angels" was serialized in WSJ from 1981-1985, and there is a scene in "Murder License Kiba", which ran from 1989-1994 in which the Prime Minister Itagaki Shigemasa orders the protagonist to carry out an assassination where everyone present is undressed.

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