Chapter 294 - Between Admission & Graduation


Sotsugyou to Nyuugaku no Aida = 『卒業と入学のあいだ』
Reference to the title of the novel 「冷静と情熱のあいだ」("Between Calm and Passion") by 辻仁成 (Hitonari Tsuji) and 江國香織 (Ekuni Kaori).

First published March 28, 2012.

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Hanafuda Card


The background is from the Japanese card game "Hanafuda", it is the pattern on the "Cherry Blossom Curtain", the highest value of the suit. The Cherry Blossom suit represents the month of March, which is the final month of the standard Japanese school year.
At the corners are a peony, butterflies, and cloud, which are from the Butterfly card, the highest value of the Peony suit, which represents the month of June. (Emperor penguin makes his appearance as the face of the lower left butterfly).

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P1 September Admission

Tokyo University plan also referred to in SZS 292

P5 New series

The comment seemed to be referring to the March 2012 end of Negima! but judging by the quality of the final tankoubon as well as the number of chapters that this was the originally planned ending.

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P1/P2 Cancelled in 10 weeks

According to the principle that the survey in Weekly Shounen Jump is supreme, whether or not it's a new series if it's unpopular it'll get cancelled, popularly known as the "10 week cut-off". For the record, although the popular belief in the 10 week cancellation is strong, there have been instances of serializations getting cancelled sooner than 10 weeks depending on the availability of a replacement, etc. Also, in recent years it’s often 12 or 13 weeks in order to conform to a quarterly seasonal schedule. In the case of authors who have had a big hit series in the past, if a new series isn't popular there are cases where the period is extended to 20 to 30 weeks.

P5 Casual Education

Chiri uses the term ゆとり教育 yutori kyouiku = "education with breathing space" system; pressure-free education. ”In recent years, the mass media in Japan have used this phrase to criticize drops in scholastic ability.” According to Kumetan, "$\pi = 3$" is symbolic of yutori kyouiku.

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P1 3 Minute Cooking

Cooking show featuring simple meals that can be prepared quickly that airs on Chubu Nippon Broadcasting and Nippon Television.

P2 Black 3.1 Stars

The Black Tri-Stars (黒い三連星 Kuroi Sanrensei) were a Zeon three-man mobile suit assault team in the classic anime TV series Mobile Suit Gundam. They are defeated by RX-78-2 Gundam pilot Amuro Ray who evades their Jet Stream Attack by using their suits as a jumping platform, killing one of them and forcing the remaining two to retreat.

P3 Ultraman

Ultraman has a timer called the "Color Timer" embedded in his body. This counts down the 3 minutes he can exist on Earth before his solar energy is depleted. In the final episode of "Ultraman A", Ultraman Ace gives a message to the children before he leaves.

P5 "Unpopular with girls"

In the sense of being able to make small-talk/chit-chat.

P7 "Fill-Time Citizens"

Kumeta-sensei digs deep to make a pun out of the kanji palindrome 間人間. 間 means an interval of time, 人間 means "human being", which together reads as maningen. The word 真人間, also read maningen means "an honest man/upstanding citizen". 間をもたせる or ma o motaseru means to fill/pass the time thus my lame attempt to render this into English.

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P1 Married Woman's Lover

間男 maotoko is the illicit lover of a married woman.

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P3 "Offal"

Sign reads 肉のハラワタ niku no harawata, "Intestine meat"; 肉のハナマサ is a popular discount grocery chain.


P8 "This kind of story, that kind of story"

Recap from the following chapters, roughly right to left: 272, 23, 284, 178, 200, 220, 140, 158, 113, 163, 210, 172, 103, 201

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