Chapter 289 - Second Second Happy


The title is a pun on Asukai Chisa's book, "Tiny Tiny Happy". The Japanese title of this book is "Daini Daini Happy".

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She's not actually goofing off, but studying for exams. Since they're third years and its February, she would be needing to study for university entrance exams, work programs, or other related post-high school activity.

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Second buttons

A Japanese high school tradition is for a girl to ask for the second button on a guy's blazer if she likes him. If he likes her back, he takes off the button and gives it to her. The tradition was inspired by a novel from Daijun Takeda.

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Rokkou water

It's a Japanese bottled water brand, similar to Evian or other large brand in the west. It's named for the town of Rokkou, a town in Hyougo prefecture.

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