Chapter 282 - Over the Mountain Range is the Same Person as Well


Japanese: Yamanami no achira ni mo onaji hito ga iru 山なみのあちらにも同じ人がゐる; a reference to a phrase "Over the mountain range is a quiet village as well" (Yamanami no achira ni mo shizuka na mura ga aru 山なみのしずかな村がある) from Tachihara Michizou's poem "What I saw in my dream" (Yume mita mono wa… 夢みたものは……).
First published on November 22, 2011.

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Harumi Housekeeper Introduction Agency

A reference to the Drama Series Kaseifu no Mita ("Mita, the Housekeeper") in which there is the fictional Harumi Housekeeper Introduction Agency which introduces Housekeepers to their new employers.
The "Laughs are no OK" refers to a rule within the series that you are allowed to ask your housekeeper for everything, except for laughing without specific emotions.

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Poster in Panel 1

It reads "Mami-san Movie"; a reference to the upcoming Madoka Magica movies

Note in Panel 6

Says "Tuesday"; Shonen Magazine was published on a Tuesday this time, since November 23 is a national holiday.

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Maeda Atsuko, a member of AKB48.

"You can hear Acchan"

It's not a secret that AKB48 use lipsynching and sing play-back during concerts. It's also not really something to wonder about, regarding the dancing they do.

Page 6


She wanted to say "recstructured"; which is a usual reason given by companies for firing several employees at one time.

"He's supposed to be at school, but he's seen at the arcade"

The Arcade reads Tetsu no Ken ("Steelfist"), a pun on Tekken.

"He's scolding Middle School Students on Ameba Pigg"

Ameba Pigg is a kind of virtual world thing where you move around as an avatar and chat etc.

Despair List

88 Temples on Shikoku

Back in 2005, Kan Naoto quit his job as representant of the Democratic Party and went on the 88-temples pilgramage on Shikoku. He didn't finish it though and resumed it now that he quit being prime minister.

receives pension in this one

A reference to cases of people receiving their (grand)parents' pension although those are already dead because the death was not reported.

I saw Kosakai

Kosakai is the name of a TV show host, who appears on the Japanese show "Raion no Go-kigen you" which is not broadcasted live, but just unedited. It's shown during the early afternoon.

…seen around Harajuku

Former AKB member Ono Erena. In 2010, she quit AKB and said she wanted to study acting abroad. However, she was seen going on a date in Harajuku quite some time after this announcement. It turns out she quit the plans and is returning as a solo-singer now.

The should be at Amami…

A reference to a documentary program called "Tsuukai! Big Daddy" which is broadcasted on Asahi. At first, the program was set on the Island of Amami, but then it moved to Ogasawara.

Tokyo Big Sight

Refers to nobody in particular but rather to closet-Otaku who go to Comic Market ;)

He should be at the defense line

Tanaka Marcus Turio, a soccer player playing for Nagoya Grampus. He usually is defense, but plays really free and forward. Before coming to Japan, he usually was a midfielder.

Seen in Urayasu

The usual reference to Kim Jeong-Il son Kim Jeong-Nam who almost got into Japan using a fake Dominican Republic passport with a Chinese name. He wanted to go to Disneyland which is located in the city of Urayasu, Chiba.

They should be on Mars

Reference to the Movie "Capricorn One" in which a group of astronauts lands in the desert instead on Mars where they wanted to go and are made to tell people they had been on Mars.

They're in MZ23

Megazone23, an OVA series from the 80s that is set on a giant spaceship on which, however, the Tokyo from the 80s is resembled on one deck.

She should be at her friend's

Some idols/voice actresses etc. with persistent crazy fans pretend they go to friends on Christmas, when they actually spend the time with their boyfriend.

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Main Gate; S-Castle; Tiki Room

All attractions of Disneyland.

Page 9

Itoshiki Clinic 03-1104

You can read the numbers 1104 as I-to-shi

Mikoto's patient

Looks a lot like Kumeta's usual Ishiba Shigeru caricatures.

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All Night HR

Reference to the radio program All Night Nippon R. In October, an Itoshiki Nozomu All Night Nippon R was broadcasted.

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