Chapter 281 - The Love Suicide Attempts at Sonezaki


"The Love Suicide Attempts at Sonezaki" (曾根崎心中未遂 Sonezaki Shinjuu Misui) is based on the bunraku play "The Love Suicides at Sonezaki" (曾根崎心中 Sonezaki Shinjuu).

First published November 16, 2011

Page 5

2ch Thread

"KoLOC" - if you were to read this with a Japanese accent, it would come out something like "Koroshi", meaning murder.

Page 7

Why did you publish it?!

Refers to Chapter 268, which was yanked by Kumeta from Volume 27 due to its similarity with an episode of Doraemon.

Despair List

  • You plan on third place, but then the supervisor gets canned and you end up winning
  • It was supposed to be a pseudonym, but it's so omnipresent you're about to forget your real name
    • Kumeta's kind of implying that "Koji Kumeta" is actually a pen name.

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Sign (Panel 6)

"Sun Plaz - Concert Tour AkaBaNe 84" - Refers to Sun Plaza in Nakano, Tokyo.

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Sign (Panel 6)

"Soukenbi", a brand of tea.

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