Chapter 280 - The NEET That Leapt Through Time


"The NEET That Leapt Through Time" is a reference to "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time".

First published November 9, 2011.

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Sign (Panel 1)

The sign says "Kincho", a brand of mosquito incense.

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MomoClo is short for Momoiro Clover, a girl idol group. Akarin is Akari Hayami, one of the early members of the group.

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Despair List

  • Actually, the Hawks should have played in the Japan Series last year, too
    • The Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, which convincingly won the Pacific League pennant in 2010, but lost in the playoffs. They won the Pacific League pennant again in 2011.
  • Actually, it should have been "Fresh Rookie" Year instead of "Ma-kun" Year
    • Another baseball reference. "Fresh Rookie" is Saitou Yuuki, while "Ma-kun" is Tanaka Masahiro. Both were standouts at the 2006 Koshien. Yuuki opted for university while Masahiro opted to go straight for the big leagues. Yuuki at the time was considered the better player, but with Masahiro's longer experience in the big leagues, the roles seem to have reversed.
  • Actually, stock prices should have become around 20,000¥ with the government changing
    • Refers to the Greek debt crisis. When a caretaker government was implemented to carry out austerity measures, the situation was expected to improve, and the hope was that international stock markets would rally. However, that didn't really materialize, and the Japanese stock market is still in the same uneasy shape it has been for the last 20 years.
  • Actually, I would be on 6 programs as a regular – Ain't that great?
    • Refers to Shimada Shinsuke. It was discovered in mid-2011 that he had connections to Yakuza groups, so he was forced to resign from all his TV activities. He was active in 6 shows on 5 big TV networks.
  • Actually, I would've shown up on Red-White
    • Red-White is a large annual singing contest that takes place on New Year's Eve. Some singers were excluded in 2010 on grounds that they had connections to the Yakuza.
  • Actually, nobody would have found out about my wig or my lover
    • Nishiyama Hidehiko, secretary of the ministry of economy, trade and industry. As one of the main government handlers of the Fukushima crisis, he found himself in the spotlight way more than he had been. In one press conference, his wig was ill-placed on his head. The media attention focused on him also uncovered the fact that he had a mistress.
  • Actually, it would've been Nichiren
    • Nichiren is a Buddhist school of thought dating back to the 1100s. Some new religious movements, like the Soukagakkai have their origins in it.
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