Chapter 278 - The Tales of Nise


"The Tales of Nise" (似勢物語 Nisemonogatari) is a dual pun. It could either be taken as a pun on "The Tales of Ise" (伊勢物語 Isemonogatari, a collection of poems dating to the Heian period, or as a pun on Nisio Isin's light novel Nisemonogatari (偽物語).

First published October 26, 2011.

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"Toshimawen Halloween Fest" is a pun/reference to the real-life Toshimaen Halloween Festival. One of the highlights of the festival are the cosplay events, which can feature very large prizes.

Harumi's Magazine

The magazine is titled "Animegoa" a pun on Animage. The headline reads, "This season, anime are SHAFT, too!", probably a reference to their Kizumonogatari movie.

Magazine Page

The magazine has content on Madoka-related stuff, although in the SZS universe, it's referred to as "Mago Magi". Some of the infoboxes: "Witch from Today", a pun on Kyo kara Maoh!, which would translate into English something like "Demon King from Today].

"There are three kinds of purgis: bad purgis, good purgis, and normal purgis". This is a pun on the Japanese pronounciation of Walpurgis, which would sound like "Warupurugisu". "Waru" means "bad" in Japanese, so if there's "bad purgis", then it follows that there's also good purgis and normal purgis.

"Behind you! Behind you! Someday it will be dangerous!"

Bookshelf (Panel 3)

The sign at the top of the bookshelf reads "Anime Game".

From right to left, the books at the bottom of the shelf are "Fan Roat", a pun on a magazine called "Fan Road"; a sequence of books that spell out "The manga world shall be at peace"; "Oowaza"; "Ultek", which is a feature in "Family Computer Magazine".

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Cosplaying Carnation

"Carnation" is a telenovella that airs on NHK, set in the Taisho Period.

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Refers to Aya Hirano's legion of now ex-fans.

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"Doukyuusei 2" is a bishoujo game. "Sei" is an abbreviation of Seigaku, the name of the school in Prince of Tennis. "Shinsei Kamatte Oukoku" is a mashup of the band "Shinsei Kamatte-chan" and the manga series "Shinsei Mote Mote Oukoku".

Car (Panel 7)

"Hanazawa Real Estate" is a pun on a fictional company from Sazae-san

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Bus (Panel 1)

Atami is a city in Shizuoka, known primarily for its large number of onsen and a beautiful beach.

Truck (Panel 5)

"Living Safely Kurashiyan" - Catchphrase of a company named Kurashiyan.

Helicopter (Panel 9)

"Takasu Clinic" - Reference to a famous plastic surgeon named Takasu.

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Tiger & Bunny

For those of you not familiar with the show, Tiger & Bunny features superheros competing on public TV to do good in order to be crowned hero of the year. Each superhero has a corporate sponsor (with real life companies paying the show's creators to be a sponsor), leading to gratuitous product placement.


The house actually exists, and was featured on an episode of a TV show called "Dream House", in a segment during which everyone questioned remarked it looked like a bathroom.


A bit of an exaggeration…but not by much.

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The reason Sensei cuts off the foreign guy from talking is that the building he's referring to belongs to Soka Gakkai, a Buddhist movement centered in Japan that some view as controlling at least one of Japan's myriad minor political parties. The reason foreign-guy brings it up is that the organization has a flag very similar to that of Romania's.

Despair List

  • What you thought was a big fried shrimp was actually a very tiny fried shrimp
    • It was all batter ;_;
  • What you thought was a foreign wrestler was actually Hirata
    • Refers to pro-wrestler Hirata Junji, who wrestles under the name "Super Strong Machine".
  • What you thought was a washing machine was actually a time machine.
    • Reference to a movie named Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust, which features a time machine disguised as a drum-style washing machine.
  • When she took off her clothes, she was pretty fat
    • Women have all sorts of fun ways in which to disguise body fat!
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