Chapter 277 - Fair, Then Partly Spoilery


"Fair, Then Partly Spoilery" (バレときどきネタバレ Bare Tokidoki Netabare) is a pun on a book by Shiro Yadama, "Fair, Then Partly Piggy" (バレときどきぶた Bare Tokidoki Buta).

First published October 19, 2011.

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The Kojiki

The Kojiki is an 8th century text detailing the mythology surrounding the creation of the four main Japanese islands and their gods, and later the intrigues of the early Japanese court.


One of the "Creators" of Japan (along with Izanami).


The Sun Goddess, and the supposed great great great (and so on) grandmother of the first Japanese emperor.

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Siberian Express

A reference to the Japanese B-movie "Siberian Super-Express". After the movie, there's something after the credits, and a frame comes up asking the audience not to talk about it to friends that haven't seen the movie.

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Namedropping (Panel 1)

All of these are players on the Japanese national soccer team, and this is actually the result of Japan vs. Tajikistan, played on October 11, 2011.

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Super Shiranui-kun

Shiranui are mysterious lights seen out to sea off of Kyushu.

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Dead Sea Scrolls

Probably one of the biggest archeological finds of the 20th century, the Dead Sea scrolls were the remnants of a massive Jewish library containing fragments of the Torah, religious commentary, and other documents that had been stashed away in a desert cave and lost for around 1800 years.

Kumeta makes note of Evangelion in the following panels as the Dead Sea Scrolls are an important plot device in that show.

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Agasthiya Leaf

Refers to a mystic Hindu belief that a legendary Vedic sage is recording detailed records of every single person's life cycle on palm leaves. These are guarded by certain sages that occasionally grant a person the ability to see how their life will unfold. Needless to say, it leads to spoilers.

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MP Okada

Reference to Katsuya Okada, Secretary General of the DPJ at the time this chapter was written.

Takeuchi and Miyashita Scripts

A reference to two manuscripts that are related to the Kojiki, but are treated as somewhat apocryphal.

Ending text

"So that was a technique she developed as a stalker…?"

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