Chapter 276 - Tristes Absolus


"Tristes Absolus" (悲しき絶対 kanashiki zettai lit. "Sad Absolutes") is a pun on a book by French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss, "Tristes Tropiques" (悲しき熱帯 kanashiki nettai lit. "Sad Tropes"). The book is also known in English as "The World on the Wane", but is generally discussed using its French title.

First published on October 12, 2011.

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Partita for Violin No.2, Part 2

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Absolute Music

Absolute music is a branch of music that eschews the idea of musical representations of a concept in favor of music that can stand alone from any form of art outside of music.

Nami (Panel 7)

Nami should get some sort of prize for hearing a word right for once.

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Beethoven's "Fate"

Sometimes called the Fate Symphony or Schicksalssymphonie, but more widely known to the layman as Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

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I'm in an absolute mood!


Absolute List

  • He doesn't really want to suppress, but eventually there is Iwase's Absolute Suppression
  • You don't save them to use them, you save it to save them, Absolute Miles
    • Frequent Flier Miles

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Andy Kaufman

There are not enough words to describe Andy Kaufman's act. It hovers a fine line between anti-humor and not funny at all. It truly is Absolute Comedy.


"Daffunda" is a catchphrase of the character Hen na Oji-san ("strange uncle") that appeared on an old Fuji TV variety show, that ends up being a meaningless running gag. Clip here.

Ending text

"Please enjoy the "Absolute 4-koma" at the end without considerating introduction, development, twist and conclusion or common sense. And if you understand the meaning, please let us know! www"

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