Chapter 274 - He Really Is A Good Samaritan. It's Nice To Have Such A Good Samaritan Around.


"He Really Is A Good Samaritan. It's Nice To Have Such A Good Samaritan Around." (善いサマリア人ね。善いサマリア人は善いね。 Ii Samaria-jin ne. Ii Samaria-jin wa ii ne.) is a pun on a couple of sentences in Kawabata Yasunari's "The Dancing Girl of Izu". The original is "He really is nice. It's good to have such a nice person around." (ほんとうにいい人ね。いい人はいいね。 Hontou ni ii hito ne. Ii hito wa ii ne.)

First published on September 14, 2011.

Page 1

Opening text (Magazine)

"A comic we present to our loving readers from a town that's slowly getting darker." is partially based on a song lyric from the folk group Kaientai.

Page 2

What's with this beginning?!

The first page is a parody of the long-running drama series, "Kinpachi-sensei of Year 3, Class B" (3nen B-gumi Kinpachi-sensei).

Page 4

Signs (Panel 1)

The signs beside Nami's hand read "The Knowledge of a Third Year" and "Like a Third Year"

Backgrounds (Panel 5)

The book the guy is reading says "The manga world (shall be at peace)". The calendar, under 14, says "magazine".

Sign (Panel 7)

The sign says Suidoubashi Station, which is the JR Station closest to Koishikawa.

Page 5

Panel 6

Oh hai Mami.

Page 7

Panel 7

The store in the background is "Nowdays" a convenience store chain operated by JR East.

Page 9

Harumi's doujin

The characters not-quite-appearing on this page are probably from Gundam Age

Ending Text (Magazine)

The Kitsu-san method uses Hiroshi-kun's personal information, business credentials, the Mayan calendar, the residual thoughts of ghosts residing in the supermarket, etc.

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