Chapter 273 - Since It's So Vague, I Feel Insecurity


"Since It's So Vague, I Feel Insecurity" (唯ぼんやりとしてる不安 Tada bon'yari toshiteru fuan) is a reference to a sentence in Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's final will, which said he felt "a vague insecurity" (唯ぼんやりとした不安 tada bon'yari toshita fuan) about his future.

First published September 7, 2011

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Fall Holidays (Magazine Intro Text)

Fall really is a holiday-deprived season in Japan. Most public holidays take place around New Year's and in a cluster in late March through early April. School is usually out of session during the month of August with a couple holidays such as Tanabata scattered here and there, but once school starts back, it's usually nose to the grind until mid-winter. There are a couple public holidays, such as "Health and Sports Days" (guess when schools usually hold their sports festival) in October, or "Culture Day" on November 3 (guess what school festivities go on around this time).

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No Reason Real Estate Agency (Panel 1)

The sign on the building reflects this. The number reads 03-210-[unreadable], where 210 can be pronounced "fu-dou", which forms the first part of the word Fudouyasan (real estate agent).

Sign (Panel 1)

The sign next to Chie says "Wake-nashi" ("without reason"), with the "wake" written using the Kanji for "peace" and "hair", and "nashi" written with the Kanji for Nashi fruit.


A quick explanation of Japanese real estate terminology: LDK means "Living Room + Dining Kitchen", while a number preceding it notes the number of rooms.

Also to be noted in the ad for the apartment:

  • Sunlight All Around
    • The original is written using 陽あたり良好 (hiatari ryoukou), which refers to a manga series by Mitsuru Adachi. Normal real estate agents would write this using 日当り良好 (pronounced the same way).
  • The price of the apartment, 50,000 yen/month, is ridiculously cheap by Tokyo standards. That price would usually be expected to accompany an apartment half the size of this one.
    • Perhaps it's haunted.

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Shinsuke's Family

Reference to Shimada Shinsuke, a comedian/TV host who quit his job after admitting having ties to the Yakuza.

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Posters (Panel 2)

One poster says "Rebel", a reference to the movie "Rebel Without a Cause" (or in Japanese, "Waki naki hankou"); Another says "Letter of Resignation".

Book (Panel 5)

"Somehow or Other - Christel" is a pun on a book, "Somehow or Other - Crystal" by Christel Takigawa, a TV host.

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Despair List

  • Why did you go see "Kochikame THE MOVIE"?
    • Kochikame is the abbreviation for "Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsujo", one of (if not THE) longest running Japanese comic series of all time, which has run in Shonen Jump since 1976 to the present day. A movie was made out of the live-action drama series of this in August 2011.

Ending Text

And that's why all we members of former class 2-F have about half a year left until graduation. If there may be a reason or not, it's pretty sudden, right? lol

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