Chapter 271 - What is Activity?


"What is Activity?" (能動とは何か Noudou to wa nani ka) is a pun on Yumeno Kyuusaku's essay "What is Noh?" (能とは何か Nou to wa nani ka).

First published August 24, 2011

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Sign (Panel 1)

The signs say "Wood threads for sale" (木目糸売 mokume-ito-uri), which is a kanji pun on "succession" (相続 souzoku). These signs actually come from an earlier chapter, in which Nozomu made them for the "World Seven Star Heritage" event.

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Another reference to Kaiji, specifically Kazutaka Hyoudou, president of a large financial consulting firm.

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Leisurely Await the Labored

This is one of the 36 Stratagems, an essay written to explain many ruses that are commonly used in war, politics, or even everyday personal interactions. Kafuka says that these come from the Annals of the Three Kingdoms, but the 36 Stratagems appear to predate this by a couple of centuries.


A reference to a conspiracy theory which alleges that the U.S. Government had direct knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack beforehand, and simply allowed the Japanese to attack in order to gain public support (the United States public during this time was strongly isolationist) for entering World War II.


A common soccer strategy is to let your opponent play the ball, wearing them down more quickly than if your team exercised full control of the ball.

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The "string" in "String Meal" comes from the "Ito" (糸) of "Itoshiki". Likewise, the "color" in "Color Menu" comes from the "shiki" (色) in "Itoshiki".

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Despair List

  • You plan to be met by a pet but in fact, you're meeting the pet
    • Comes from so-called "dog cafes", where you can come into contact with pet dogs. Instead of a spontaneous meeting, though, you're going there to see dogs.
  • They wanted to cause a comment flood but actually, they were made to write the entry
    • Aya Hirano
  • You want to strike, but you're made to
    • Common tactic in baseball

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A "souvenir" in a tax inquiry is a tactic in which you allow the auditors to find minor "mistakes" with your tax payments that hide the larger tax evasion at hand.

Ending Text

The summer holidays are made to be swept away in the sea of Kafuka-chan's knowledge of military tactics.

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