Chapter 270 - Children of the Substitute


"Children of the Substitute" (代理の子 Dairi no ko) is a pun on Yamasaki Toyoko's novel, "Children of the Earth" (大地の子 Daichi no ko).

First published on August 3, 2011.

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Refers to the American airbase in Okinawa. Protests over the base's existence/location have drawn Anti-American protesters from across Japan that want the American presence completely removed, although most Okinawans are simply in favor of having the airbase moved because of noise/safety concerns.

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Despair List

  • Taking over the little sister's body and telling the older brothers to go look for something
    • Mawaru Penguindrum reference. In it, the "Princess of the Crystals" possesses a little girl's body and orders her brothers to look for the Penguindrum.
  • Posting Twitter status messages about what your partner at the Goukon says
    • A student from Hosei University posted a statement allegedly made by Kumagai Saki (a member of Japan's Women's World Cup team), during a group dating event.
  • Using public radio waves to advertise another country
    • A reference to the "Korean Wave", in which Korean entertainment has exploded in popularity across Asia. K-pop is a popular genre for Japanese radio stations to play.
  • Stealing meat to check it
    • Greenpeace commonly does this to check if the meat is whale meat.
  • Like complaining about how Hata-kun spends his money
    • Another reference to Hata Kenjiro, who bought a new car, Sister Princess merchandise, and gave some of the seiyuu for Hayate some extremely expensive strawberries.

Card (Panel 8)

The card says CARDDEATH, a pun on a brand of trading cards called CARDDASS.

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Document (Panel 1)

The usual Itoshiki family puns. "Mei" -> "Zetsumei (death)"; "Tai" -> "Zettai (absolutely)"; "Kabe" -> "Zeppeki (cliff)"

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The next issue will feature a break, but the jokes in Issue 39 will be side-splitting, so don't hesitate to read it then! -The Editor (unauthorized subsitute)

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