Chapter 267 - From Japan During Electricity Saving


Japanese was Setsudenchû no Nihon yori 節電中の日本より, a reference to an article by Kinoshita Naoe 木下尚江 called Setchû no Nikkô yori 雪中の日光より ("From Nikkô during snowfall")

First published July 13, 2011.

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The Prime Minister thought this up again…

See chapter 265 for another "the prime minister thought it up"-joke.

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The laugh is not strong enough to directly effect health

Pun on several phrases said by Edano after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant incident. About radioactivity of course, though.

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At night, it'll seem 3 times as funny…

See volume 6, chapter 57.

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Saving laughs-fascism

Pun on a similar expression that calls power saving a kind of fascism.

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In 2001,…

Reference to chapter 153 of Katte ni Kaizô which is all about the expression "lol" (or (笑) in Japanese).

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The Smile got more expensive

Japanese Mc Donald's really list "smile" as an item on their menus and of course, the smile usually is free.

Poster: "Don't laugh - Tsutsui"

Reference to this comedy short called "Don't laugh" by Tsutsui Yasutaka.

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Talking about next year (sic!) will be banned

I just noticed the mistake. Has to be "next year", not "last" and is a reference to a Japanese saying "Talk about next year and the devil will laugh".

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Mona Lisa

She always smiles.

Smiling Young Nobleman

A nickname for Korean actor Bae Yong-Jun

It's OK not to laugh

Reference to the show Waratte ii tomo ("It's ok to laugh").

No-Laughing Point

Reference to the show Shôten 笑点, literally "Laughing Point" (and itself a pun on the word shôten 商店 - "store")


-> S/mileage, a Japanese band.

Brush play

Some kind of pervert SM play.

Oden and Baths

Oden is a kind of hot soup you eat in winter and Japanese people usually take their baths at very high temperatures as well.

Fuji Announcers

See here. You can hear a woman talk to her co-worker and at one point she says "Oops, I started laughing".

Trains in unstable times

Most likely a reference to the Chuo-line in Tokyo, that's a kind of suicide train line.

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