Chapter 266 - Memos Above the Bamboo Leaf


"Memos Above the Bamboo Leaf" (笹の上のメモ Sasa no ue no memo) is a pun on Shiba Ryoutarou's novel, "Clouds Above the Hill" (坂の上の雲 Saka no ue no kumo).

First published July 6, 2011.

Page 1


  • I want the CD to sell so well - Aki
    • Reference to Akimoto Yasushi, producer of AKB48.
  • I want to be needed as the Prime Minister
  • I want to become a person to protect her - Homura

Page 2

Mu-shi-go-roshi (Killing Bugs) - Taika Reform

One of the little mnemonic devices for remembering dates or years. Mu-shi-go translates to 645, the year of the Taika Reforms.

Page 3

Paper slips

  • "794"
    • The year the Heian period began, which was started with the moving of the capital (previously located in Nara) to Heian-kyo (modern day Kyoto).
  • "1185"
    • One of the dates traditionally given to the start of the Kamakura period. (The other is 1192.)

Page 5

Revolution (panel 3)

If every time France established a new republic counts as a revolution, their last one was in 1958.

Tanzaku (Panel 8)

  • French Revolution

Page 7

Tanzaku (Panel 1)

Page 8

Tanzaku (Panel 1)

  • Perry visits Japan
  • Later, down the page, "1853 - Hito-ha-go-mi no you da (People look like dust)" is the mnemonic device to remember this date.

"Muska and Perry have the same hair style" (Panel 5)

"People look like dust" is a line that Muska says in "Castle in the Sky"

Page 9

Don't know the answers (Panel 1)

Because Sensei won't elaborate, we'll just tell you the answers instead.

Page 10

"I don't want to be confused with…" (Panel 3)

It was established in an earlier chapter that Kagero Usui looks like Edano.

Telegraph poles (Panel 3)

It's much harder to lurk behind telegraph poles (hello, anachronism!) when they're buried under ground. That, and it's harder to use them as weapons, too.

"I want it to be held" (Panel 3)

A reference to Comiket, which many suspected might have been cancelled due to the passage of Bill #156. As of Comiket 80 (August 2011), it hasn't.

Ending message

"Hearing this rumor, you may suspect that a certain governor had hung up a tanzaku reading "1964 (Tokyo Five-Rings)".

A reference to the Olympics, which Tokyo hosted in 1964. They had a bid to host in 2016, but following the chaos of the March 11 earthquake, they withdrew the bid and submitted one to host in 2020 instead.

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