Chapter 265 - Rainleon Diary


The title "Rainleon Diary" あめれおん日記 (amereon nikki), is a pun on the book かめれおん日記 (kamereon nikki), "Chameleon Diary", by Nakajima Atsushi.

First published in Weekly Shonen Magazine on June 22, 2011.

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Rain Woman

A rain woman, or ame onna, is a woman whose presence is supposed to attract rain. This stems from a spirit in Japanese folklore.

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Despair List

  • An alien on aluminum foil
    • Stems from the fact that both are gray (or at least supposed to be, in the case of aliens)
  • A funny person entering Yoshimoto's class
    • Refers more specifically to the "New Star Creation" School in Osaka. Comedians who make it to this school are considered the cream of the crop, so it's hard for any one of them to stand out, as they're all very funny people.
  • A returnee in the Rakuten-group
    • Rakuten's company intern language is in English
  • Umezu-sensei in front of a red and white curtain
  • Calling down where Mosra's called
    • Reference to a yet unidentified Studio Toho monster movie.
  • Ankh on the planet from Avatar
    • Ankh is a character from Kamen Rider OOO who looks like the Na'vi in Avatar.

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The character who put out the help wanted ad may look familiar to some readers. As it turns out, it's Hajime Kuji, director of the "There are roughly X things to do department" (what his t-shirt says), which was first introduced back in Chapter 185. The department typically just puts harebrained schemes into action, so it's not very surprising that class 2F gets involved fairly often.

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Rain Woman Cards (Panel 5)

Untranslatable joke alert: The bottom card in this panel, instead of reading "Rain Amount Value" (Uryouchi), actually says Uryocchi, the nickname of voice actress Shirashi Ryouko, who voices Hayate in Hayate the Combat-Butler (Hayate no Gotoku!). Kumeta keeps the reference going with the "Rain Quality" statistic, which reads "Hayate gotoshi", meaning "like a hurricane", which is how Hayate no Gotoku! would literally translate. The final statistic, "Rain Continuity" reads R-24h, which one would think would stand for something like "Rain - 24 hours". In reality, R24-h is the name of a radio show that Shirashi Ryouko hosts.

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Prime Minister

"It occurred to the Prime Minister, so we have no choice!" - A reference to Naoto Kan, who suddenly said he wanted more than 10 million solar panels produced in order to help wean Japan off nuclear power after the Fukushima crisis.

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Alternative Energies

  • Electricity out of shame
    • 恥熱発電 (chinetsuhatsuden), a pun on "geothermal energy" (地熱発電 chinetsu hatsuden)
  • Primitive Electricity
    • 原始発電 (genshi hatsuden), a pun on "atomic energy" (原子発電 genshi hatsuden)

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A reference to Harudanji Kataura, a rakugoka.

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Human Sacrifice

Refers to a(n apocryphal) practice of sealing a human sacrifice inside the walls of a building to offer to a diety in hopes that it will not crumble. This practice is known as "hitobashira" or "human pillars".

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