Chapter 264 - Mutual Meeting


The Japanese title of this chapter was あひあひヾき (aiaibiki), a pun on あひヾき (aibiki), the japanese title of the short story свидание (Svidanie - "Rendezvous", official English translation is called "Meeting") by Ivan Turgenev.

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Two pots in panel 2

The right one reads "Roger", the left one "Gina". Roger is a character from the Manga "Kuma no Puutarou", Gina is a role in a fictional play called „Gina and the 5 blue pots” that is enacted in the manga "Glass Mask".

Page 2

Pin board

The message on the right reads "Kan - he's quitting". Prime minister Kan Naoto announced that he will resign from his job as soon as the problems concerning the 3/11 quake are solved.
The stuff on the more left from right to left: "Nao Date", a pun on Date Naoto, the main character from "Tiger Master". "Nao Kan" - prime minister Kan Naoto, most probably "Sugu" (which means immediately and is one of this Kanji's readings/words), "Tada Edano", a pun on Edano (the ministry spokesperson for all the Fukushia stuff) often saying 直ちに (tadachi ni - immediately).

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Umbrella Drawings

All the Kanji around them read "Kaga Ai".

"I think it'd be best to share it as a sacrifice"

In Japanese, Kafuka used the word 供養 (kuyou) which usually means the food you put on the house altar on bon to give to your ancestors. The sacrifice should make the umbrella's grudge disappear.

"'Shared umbrella' means it's mutual"

Shared umbrella in Japanese is = 相合傘 (aiaigasa). The first "ai" means "mutual".

Page 9

"A Town Where You Live"

Also known under the Japanese Title Kimi no Iru Machi 君のいる町, a romantic shonen series currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

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Kaga Takeshi

A Japanese actor who is well known for his role as "Chairman Kaga", host of the cooking show "Iron Chef". That most probably is the reason Nami likes him.

Page 12

"Is she Lady Snowblood or what!?"

Lady Snowblood (heroine of Manga and Movie of the same name) uses a sword hidden in an umbrella as her weapon of choice.

"It just wanted to cut"

The word used for "cut" here, written the way it is written here, can also mean "to kill".

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