Chapter 263 - Portraits of After All Students


The Japanese title was どーせ書生気質 (Douse shosei katagi), a pun on the novel Tousei shosei katagi 当世書生気質 ("Portraits of Contemporary Students") by Tsubouchi Shouyou.

Page 1

Looks like a straw

It's the Tokyo Tower and after the 3/11 earthquake, the antenna at the top really looks like a straw. Also see here

It works fine

…because it doesn't need to work at all. The antenna was submitting analogue TV signals and Japan is all digital antenna TV now.

Page 6

Thing in Panel 7

The Fukushima Nuclear power plant. Yes she tries to glue it together. The tube of glue reads "Bond", a popular brand for glue in Japan.

Page 8

Poster in Panel 3

Reads "Tomo-chan". There really was a poster like this one hanging from Tokyo Tower in 2005.

Sign in Panel 7

Reads "Please do not appear naked in this park". A reference to Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, member of SMAP, who ran around naked in a park in 2009.

Page 11

Train with destination "Sado"

The station from which she rides to Sado is Ueno station (in Ueno, Tokyo). There is no train from Ueno to Sado though. You need to take a train to Niigata and then a ferry from the Niigata harbor to Sado (Sado is located on an island called Sadogashima).

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