Chapter 262 - Kiri's Search For Meaning


"Kiri's Search for Meaning" is a pun on a book by Austrian psychologist Viktor Frankl called "Man's Search for Meaning". The Japanese title of this chapter is "Kiri at Night" (夜の霧 yoru no kiri), which is a pun on the Japanese title of Frankl's book, which is "Fog and Night" ( 夜と霧 yoru to kiri)

Page 2

Poster (Panel 2)

The poster says "If you have worries - Chie", referring to Chie-sensei and her counseling job.

Page 3

Hikikomori Union

全日本座敷童連盟 - zen-nihon zashiki-warashi renmei

Page 7

Pictures (Panel 1)

The Gyoza Statue is located in Utsunomiya, Tochigi.

"Dash Village" is the setting of a corner on the Japanese variety show called "The Tetsuwan Dash".

Page 11

Kafuka's bedtime story

Kumetan-jp thinks it may be a reference to this.

Ending Text

It's neither deep, nor uncontrollable. Hito-san's "Small Talk" is even stronger than chemicals, and has no side effects at all.

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