Chapter 261 - In Spring, It Is Dawn. The Sky At The Edge Of Quitting Is Getting Brighter


This chapter's title is based off the part of the first paragraph from Sei Shounagon's Pillow Book (枕草子 makura soushi) which is 春はあけぼの。やうやうしろくなりゆく山ぎは(haru wa akebono. You you shiroku nari yuku yamagiwa), meaning "In Spring, it is dawn. The sky at the edge of the mountains slowly starts to brighten…"

Page 5

Backgrounds (Panel 1)

The board reads "Proof of baseball team ownership", a reference to the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. The sign on the table reads "President".

Page 6


A kunoichi is a female practitioner of ninjutsu. Abiru wonders if the "ga" in Kaga's name is similar to "Iga" or "Kouga", which are two of the more well known schools of ninjutsu.

Page 8

Winchester Family

Refers to the mansion that Sarah Winchester had built near San Francisco starting in 1884. She started building the house after the death of her husband, when a medium told her that she had been cursed by a Native American who had been killed with a Winchester rifle. In order to keep the curse from taking full effect, the medium said, she would have to start building a house, and never stop. As a result, the Winchester Mystery House was built until her death, 38 years after construction started.

Page 10

Sign (Panel 1)

The sign at the right-hand edge of the page reads "New Additions"

Page 11

Rods (Panel 1)

The rods hanging from the roof read "Fuel" and "Plu"

Shinoraa and Korinsei (Panel 5)

Shinoraa is the nickname of Shinohara Tomoe. Korinsei is a nickname for Ogura Yuuko, who claims she came from a star named Korin.

Sign (Panel 11)

The sign reads "Kiteretsu-sai", meaning Ancestor of Kiteretsu. Kiteretsu is the main character in Fujiko F. Fujiyo's manga "Kiteretsu Daihyakka".

Page 12

Suzuki Rinrin

A pun on the real-life singer Suzuki Ranran.

Sign (Panel 5)

The sign, in full, reads "Live House — Rabbits", a pun on one of Suzuki Ranran's songs, "Sister Rabbit".

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