Chapter 260 - It's Not That I Don't Have Angles


Jap. 角度ならないこともない (kakudo naranai koto mo nai), a pun on the sentence 覚悟ならない事もない (kakugo naranai koto mo nai; can be translated as "It's not that I'm not prepared"), which is said by "K" in Natsume Souseki's Kokoro.

Introduction text

We've come on a picnic

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The Shonen Sunday issue in which the SZS Special chapter was published. The horse that hides parts of Sensei is from Hiromu Arakawa's series "Silver Spoon".

Back of Magazine in Kafuka's hands

Advertises the Katte ni Kaizou OVA (which was published on May 25, the date that's written on the back of the mag)

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Phantom Smokestack

These actually did exist. They were part of the Senju Thermal Power Station in Adachi, Tokyo and placed in a way that made you see either 1, 2, 3 or all 4 depending on which angle you looked from.

"From some places there's one fire[…]"

Depending on which angle you look from at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant…….

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Sign "Anabatake Farm"

Translates to "Holefield Farm", a pun on the real Hanabatake Farm ("Flowerfield Farm") that's located in Nakasatsunai Village, Hokkaido.

Takigawa Christel

A news-anchor working for Fuji TV. She can be seen from the front though if you google her ;)

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A reference to the baseball match Yomiuri Giants vs. Hanshin Tigers that took place on April 20. A ball looked as if it had fallen down if you watched the game on TV, while it looked different to the referee. See the move in question here (from about 1:20)

TV "Sansu"

A pun on Samsung


Well, Suneohair is a singer/songwriter, but he doesn't really look like this. Actually, this is a reference to Suneo's hair. Suneo is a character from Doraemon and his hairstyle is the same as in the picture. Many readers noted that this kind of hairstyle is unnatural.


The thing referred to here is the opening dancing move of Exile's "Choo Choo Train" (take a look here

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"Like comic manuscripts"

Most artists can draw faces good from one angle but have problems with the other angle. Harumi here used some nice trick to conceal her weakness ;) She stole this from Bakuman though.

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A Japanese singer.

Plaster wall

Jap. Nurikabe, a reference to the character Nurikabe from Ge ge ge no Kitarou

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"Looking at him from behind is the worst angle"

A reference to Duke Togo, the main character of Golgo 13 who frequently tells people to NOT stand behind his back.

Bank of Japan

If you look at their main building from above (as shown here), it looks like the Kanji for "Yen" 円


A reference to a famous line by Muska from "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" - "Look, the people are like garbage!"

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