Chapter 259 - Special

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"Any complaints?"

He obivously stole the introduction of Great Teacher Onziuka.

Bike "Rikuo"

A reference to the real motorbike brand Rikuou 陸王.

Bad expectations

Well, Shonen Magazine publishes series like GTO or Hammer Session in which the teachers are (former) badasses.

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"closer to home"

Kumeta's former "home" being Shonen Sunday.

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"At the National Stadium…"

There are several teams which use the National Stadium as a kind of Home Ground. By the way, the Reds are the Saitama Reds.

TV Program

A reference to Okamura Takashi, host of the show "Mechax2 Iketeru!!". He had been sick for some time, and when he returned to the program, many new members had joined the cast.

Maid Café

Maid Cafés originally were a kind of Cosplay Café aimed at Otaku. Therefore, the maids usually had some knowledge about anime and manga. With Maid Cafés spreading and normal people visiting them, the number of Maids with otaku knowledge decreased.

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The Home that doesn't feel like a home is a bitter one!

By the way, this is a kind of reference to KK Chapter 261 which also has this home and away thing.

General Language English

Some Japanese companies really do that or plan to do that (e.g. Rakuten)

Manga Koushien

It does exist! See chapter 15 of SZS, too.


Entrails are low in calory, that's why OLs eat them Oô

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Nowadays I can't say my catchphrases

After all what happened in March, yeah. But he still says it.

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It's Level 7

Fukushima on the IEEE scale.

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Silver Spoon

The new Manga by Arakawa Hiromu (Mangaka of Full Metal Alchemist) which is set in an agricultaral school on Hokkaido. That school is called Yezonou from Yezo 蝦夷, the old name for Hokkaido and nou 農 meaning "agriculture"

Moonlight City Act

A pun on the Manga "Moonlight Act" and dat famous Ishihara Law that will come into action in July…

Conan's unneeded LASIK

Conan only wears glasses to hide the fact that he's Shin'ichi Kudou, he's not near- or farsighted. A LASIK thus wouldn't have much of an effect.

Donation of 10,000 Yen per Birdie

King Golf is a golf manga, but the 10,000 Yen per birdie aren't really a reference to king golf but to golf player Ishikawa Ryou who did receive some donations.

The World Only I Do Not Know

A pun on The World God Only Knows.

Main character rubs boobs to perform exorcism

The series really exists. It's name is Momibaraishi 揉み払い師 ("Rubbing Exorcist"). It's published on Shogakukan's "Club Sunday" page. Take a look

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Cool Biz

A government policy. To avoid high current consumption, A/Cs are set to 28°C and people are allowed to wear lighter clothes. Since the Fukushima Incident, people are requested to switch their A/Cs off completely in summer this year so there will probably be Super Cool Biz ;D

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Ghost Story, like the one where she counts "ooooonee, twoooo"

It's the Ghost Story Sarayashiki, in which the main character's ghost counts plates. The counter-word for plates in Japanese is mai 枚, thus making these counts ichimai 一枚, nimai 二枚 and so on.

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One Microsievert…

Microsievert is a measuring unit for radioactivity. For the origin of the pun, see note above.

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