Chapter 250 - A Minute Cup of Expresso

Title Pun

"A Minute Cup of Espresso" (一杯のエスフレッソ分) comes from Erich Kästner's 1939 story "From A Cup of Coffee" (一杯の珈琲から)

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Panel 6

In the top left, you can see "Bird Cafe". This is a reference a debacle that took place on New Year's involving Groupon and food-delivery company Bird Cafe, which had previously done business together. 500 coupons for an osechi meal (worth roughly $127) were handed out before the holiday. However, when the time came to begin making and delivering the meals, Bird Cafe found itself understaffed. Many of the meals were never delivered, and the ones that were delivered were described as being of "terrible quality". On January 29, the president of Bird Cafe, Kenji Mizuguchi, stepped down. Groupon has also attempted to make up for the bad PR by reimbursing customers for the meal, as well as handing out vouchers for future promotions. The CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason, also posted a video to YouTube to apologize on his company's behalf.

A fuller account can be found here.

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Caffe Sospeso

A Neapolitan tradition. It is the act of ordering coffee "in suspense" to bring good fortune upon oneself. When ordering Caffe Sospeso, one will pay the price of two cups of coffee to get one. The other coffee is held "in suspense". When a person who is down on their luck comes in off the street, they can ask if a coffee has been held in suspense. If one is available, they can receive the coffee at no charge.

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A reference to the Studio Ghibli movie "The Borrower Arrietty", based on the fantasy novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Arrietty is a 14-year old "tiny person" who lives under the floorboards of a human house with her parents.

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Panel 1

The photograph of the man at far left is Yasushi Akimoto, a lyricist and record producer who's main claim to fame is creating the idol group AKB48.

Ending Text

"If you split the cost with 10 friends, you'll only pay 41 yen, 90 sen!"

This is approximately the cost of a tankobon after the price has been split 11 ways. The sen is a unit of currency that hasn't been produced since the end of World War II. A sen was worth 1/100 of a yen.

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