Chapter 243 - The Frequent Flying Classroom


The Frequent Flying Classroom (いろいろと飛ぶ教室 iroiroto tobu kyoushitsu) is an extension of Erich Kästner's The Flying Classroom (飛ぶ教室 tobu kyoushitsu), or in the original German, “Das fliegende Klassenzimmer”.

Appeared in Shonen Magazine on November 17, 2010.

Introduction Text

That's right, this is the season that turns people into poets.

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Country Ma'ams

Country Ma'ams are a Japanese cookie brand.

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Ghost - The Second Time is a reference to a remake of the crappy 1990 movie Ghost, staring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

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Americans kissing

Kissing really isn't as much a greeting in America as it is in Europe, but at any rate, it's altogether an entirely different sort of kissing from the romantic-type. The thought of tongues violating my mouth as a form of saying "hello" is utterly horrifying.

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Oronamin C

Oronamin C is an energy drink. It also makes an appearance in Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, where Hotomi's little brother drinks it and can't get to sleep.


Refers to the Japanese government's search for the person who leaked footage of the Senkaku Incident, and the Japanese government's threat to sue Google for someone uploading the footage to YouTube.

Mr. China - Sen-Goku

A crossover of Son-Goku, the Monkey-King from Journey to the West, and Senkaku.

Small-hips diplomacy

The newspaper Maiasaurishinbun uses the term "Small-hips diplomacy", which is the derogatory term for Japan's weak foreign policy.

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I finally said "I'm ending our friendship!"

A parallel to Umi from the later chapters of Katteni Kaizo. At that point in the series, she's generally regarded as weird and doesn't have any friends.

Abiru doesn't wear bandages without a reason

NOPE. (Note: someone needs to find this chapter)

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The magazine is "COMICS Lust Point" (COMICS 快楽点 kairakuten), a pun on the adult magazine "COMICS Lust Heaven" (COMICS 快楽天 kairakuten)

Ditch-cover love

ドブ板恋愛 (dobuita ren'ai) – ドブ板 is “boards covering a ditch (drainage, sewage, etc.)”. Probably refers to the act of using clothing articles to cover puddles for your lover.

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Falling in love with an anime character

Azuza from K-ON

Falling in love with her seiyuu

Ayana Taketatsu

TV Screen

"It's really funny" is an actual ad spot that aired for the K-ON movie.

Darn elites

Sensei says a swear word here, but he uses a somewhat outdated auxillary verb (やがる – yagaru) that makes the phrase its used in extremely polite.

Despair List

  • Ordering nuclear power plants without technical upgrades
    • In hindsight, this is an even worse idea than it was when the chapter first came out
  • Starting serialization before the anime's been approved
    • Refers to Neon Genesis Evangelion. The anime entered preproduction in June 1994, and the first chapter of the manga appeared in December 1994. The first episode of the anime didn't air until October 1995, which was enough time for the first tankobon of the manga to hit shelves (which it did in September 1995).
  • Suddenly, a kid becomes the shop owner
  • The latest scandal partner is 56-years old
    • Saika Akimoto, a member of AKB48, was caught having an affair with Ouji Hiroi, an author of comics, anime, musicals…
  • The President lands without notice.
  • Winning a prestigious literature prize after the novel sold well because it was written by a good-looking actor.

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Renhou's Classification of Life

Renho Murata is a popular member of the Upper House of the Diet, who was promoted to Minister for Administrative Reforms by Prime Minister Naoto Kan. She made a name for herself as a fighter against bureaucratic waste, which is probably why she's in charge of a bureaucracy in the afterlife.

Deadline Demon (Miura)

Miura is the name of the editor in charge of the Zetsubou-Sensei manga.


Tetsurou Tanba was an actor (died 2006) who had made a movie called "Tetsurou Tanba's Big Spiritual World: What Will Be If You Die" (丹波哲郎の大霊界死んだらどうなる Tanba Tetsurou no Dai-reikai Shindara dou naru)


A pun on the 阿鼻叫喚 (Abikyoukan), the Buddhist hell. The 459 can be read as ji-go-ku, which is a pun on 地獄 (jigoku) - hell

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This comic is more like a missile than one that skips grades.

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