Chapter 242 - This is Too Young to Say It's in the Stable Period


"This is Too Young to Say It's in the Stable Period" (安定期というには若すぎる anteiki to iu ni wa wakasugiru) is a pun on a poem anthology called "Collectibles - This is Too Young to Call it Antique" (コレクティブルズーアンティークというには若すぎる - korekutiburuzu – antiiku to iu ni wa wakasugiru). The "stable period" (安定期 anteiki) refers to pregnancy after the first 12 or 13 weeks, after which the placenta is fully formed and the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically.

Appeared in Shonen Magazine on November 10, 2010.

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Shichi-go-san is a rite of passage holiday traditionally held on November 15. A candy, Chitose Ame, "1000 year candy", is given out as a symbol of longevity.

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The 753 remaining units are a reference to Shichi-go-san.

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The term the woman uses is 人生 (jinsei), which is typically translated as “life” or “human life”. Nami asks why she uses that because for a child you would normally use 命 (inochi), which merely means life. A dog or a flower can also have 命, but of course not 人生

10 years

Kumeta stopped doing dirty jokes about midway through Katteni Kaizo's run, which was about 10 years before this chapter was published.

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Yuu Darvish is a pitcher for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters


"F" is an SZBH code word for being naked.


The game The Last Guardian has had a long development history. It has been announced multiple times. At last news in 2009, it was "nearly 80% complete" with a release date of late 2011.

Despair List

  • If you've come to a place where Senkaku-videos have been leaked, it's all right.
    • Despite the Japanese government's desire to keep the tapes out of the public eye (even under threats of prosecution for unauthorized viewing), once a Coast Guard official leaked the videos to CNN, they were quickly available around the web.
  • You can feel relieved when there are 16 candidates in the election.
    • AKB48 is split into 3 teams of 16 members. Each team is elected into the group on a revolving-door basis.
  • If it wins the Grand Prix and makes it to the new year, it's safe.
    • Horses are generally retired after a winning season in the upper tiers of horse racing, so if it survives the racing season without injury, it will generally be retired to greener pastures to live out the rest of its life.
  • If Shingeki no Kyojin runs in it, you can feel relieved.
    • This manga series appears in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, which also runs Joshiraku. The series is so popular that it could almost single-handedly carry the magazine. XXXHolic, which is probably an even more popular series, also runs in the magazine, making Kumeta's choice here a little odd.
  • When you've found 7 bodyguards, you can feel relieved.
    • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Seven Samurai, SAMURAI 7, The Magnificent Seven…
  • If I can draw the sketches for every page by one day before the deadline, I can feel relieved…?
    • The leak of the Senkaku Incident videos noted above took place about 5 days before this chapter was published. This means that Kumeta submitted this chapter *very* close to publishing time. Most times, authors have their manuscripts turned in about a month early…

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13 Zodiac Signs

Astronomically, the sun passes through 13 constellations along the Ecliptic, which defines the constellations of the Zodiac. When the boundaries of the constellations were codified in the early 20th century by the International Astronomical Union, part of Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer, lay across the Ecliptic. For some reason, it took astrologers a full century to decide that Ophiuchus should be included in the Zodiac as well, which has been causing a bit of controversy among them. As is, the sun spends less than 2 weeks within the constellation before moving into Scorpius.

Sensei's interest in women

It's not really fair to Sensei to say he has no interest in women, it's just that his students don't like that he's not interested in them. For example, there's Kafuka (disguised as a college student, of course), Tane Kitsu, Chie-Sensei, the detective girl who showed up in chapter 296, that time he spent a fortune on a high-class escort…

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