Chapter 230 - Old People Cast Off Nets and Stuff


"Old People Cast Off Nets and Stuff" (老人は網などなくしてしまった Ruujin wa aminaku shite shimatta)

First published on July 21, 2010.

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Signs (Panel 1)

"Takoyaki Paul" - a reference to Paul the Octopus. Takoyaki is grilled or fried octopus.
"Seaside House: War Cry"; "Yakisoba"; "Ton Soup"; "Amanchuya", a reference to the manga Amanchu; "Boat".

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Ghost/Phantom Fishing

"Ghost fishing" is when damaged or lost fishing gear catch fish before washing ashore. Kumeta translates this directly into Japanese: yûrei gyogyô (幽霊漁業), yûrei meaning "ghost" or "phantom", gyogyô meaning "industrial fishing".

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Mellow Yellow

Once sold by the Japanese Coca Cola company under the same name as its American forebear, "Mello Yello". Here the can says '1% Fruit Juice', although the original product claims to be 100% fruit juice (in Japan at least, anyway).

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HF (magazine, panel 1)

The magazine reads "Flat Chest Fan" - "Small Breasts". HF stands for "Hobby Fetish".

Magazine (panel 10)

Magazine is "Mature Aging" - "On sale now". The term "Mature Aging" (熟加齢 Juku Karei), is also a pun on a brand of curry named "Juku Karee" (塾カレー).

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C Elementary

The photo on the cover of the magazine in the elementary school area where Maria is popular features Nadia from "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water".

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Despair List

  • The Cola bottle thrown out of an airplane becomes… N!xau's great adventure!
    • N!xau is the Namibian actor who starred in the film The Gods Must Be Crazy. In it, a glass Coca Cola bottle falls out of an airplane, and it lands where some Bushmen find it. The villagers find that it is an extremely useful tool, but soon begin to fight over who gets to use it. They decide that it is actually a curse from the gods and give it to one man, who is tasked with throwing it over the edge of the world. Hilarity ensues.
  • The future diary of elementary school kids becomes a religion
  • The last episode that's thrown out over and over becomes a huge debate
    • Refers to Evangelion, which seems to have a new version of its final episode come out every couple of years.
  • Because of the giant dropped on Planet Solo, friends and enemies alike are destroyed and are fully naked
  • We left a super-dimensional fortress behind, and so, we got attacked by giants - DECULTURE!
  • The stake we cut to measure things causes a fuss and is said to be cursed by the country it was given to.
    • Apparently some measuring standard that was produced and left in Korea after the Japanese invasion. For some reason, Koreans viewed it as cursed and removed it. Information is kind of hard to come by on this, and the Japanese Kumetan wiki isn't all that reliable when dealing with Korean stuff >_>.
  • The King of the Underworld was apparently revived and a war broke out all because some Hobbit found a ring.

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Chiri List

  • Ultra Q's "Spider Baron"
    • A reference to Studio Toho's famous scifi TV series. The 9th episode is called "The Spider Baron", a spider attacks people in some old mansion (that looks a bit like the holiday house in this chapter…) and in the end, when the spider dies, the building “dies”, too.
  • "[] Sweet Home"
    • A 1989 J-Horror movie in which TV reporters investigate a house in which an artist previously died…
  • "The Murders in the Decagon House"
    • A famous Japanese mystery novel.
  • "Mill of the Stone Women"
    • A French-Italian horror movie.
  • Gone with the Wind
  • Otogirisô
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