Chapter 224 - You Shall Understand at a Glance that this God Has Just Been Born


"You Shall Understand at a Glance that this God Has Just Been Born" is a pun on a line in Satou Haruo's "Rural Melancholy" (Denen no Yuutsu). The original line is "You shall understand at a glance that this cicada has just been born."

First published May 26, 2010

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Ton-chan Turtle Store

Ton-chan is the name of a turtle that appears in K-ON!

Otowa 2nd District

Otowa is a town in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward, near Koishikawa. The head offices of Kodansha are located in this part of town.

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2nd Mangaka

That would be Hata Kenjiro. The shirt he's wearing is one that he often draws himself as wearing.

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Sheryl-san's Taiyaki

Reference to Sheryl from Macross .

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Akabane 84

Pun on AKB48 (the AKB is short for Akabane). The name of their concert tour is taken from the song Kafuka sings at the beginning of Chapter 223

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Yes, that's Kafuka. The name is derived from tonari no daigakusei (隣の大学生) or "the student from next door", as Kafuka introduces herself when disguised as a college student that flirts with Nozomu.

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Watch out!

The man on the bike is Akira Amari, and LDP politician and former Minister of State in Charge of Administrative Reform.

Miyake River.

See here. In short, Akira Amari shoved a politician standing beside him, who bumped into DPJ politician Yukiko Miyake. Miyake then fell to the ground, apparently injuring herself. She showed up to the Diet the next day in a wheelchair, and when trying to walk on crutches, fell over again for no apparent reason. Slow motion of the initial bump showed a delay between contact and actually falling over, and the seeming exaggeration of the injury lead many to believe that the whole thing was a stunt to increase the popularity of the DPJ.

Star-head guy (Last panel, between Ookusa's feet)

That would be Hoshi from Arakawa Under the Bridge. The first season of the AUtB was running during this time, directed by SHAFT. The voice actor for Hoshi, Tomokazu Sugita also voices Ikkyu-san.

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Holy Tree Position

Holy trees from the Onbashira Festival in Nagano Prefecture. The first part of the festival, Yamadashi, a large tree known as an onbashira is cut down in a Shinto ceremony and hauled overland to the shrine at which it will be used. On some of the steeper slopes, boys and young men will ride the tree down the slope as a show of bravery. The second part, Satobiki, is the raising of the log outside the shrine as a symbolic replacement of the shrine's foundation. Men ride the log to the top as it is raised, and sing to commemorate the successful installation of the onbashira.

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Comics with "God" in the title

Spiriting away

神隠し (kamikakushi) literally translates as "hiding of the god", is the act of a god secluding itself from the people.

Gods that have been spirited away

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