Chapter 222 - The Ground Would Rather Be Poor Than Lucky


“The Ground Would Rather Be Poor Than Lucky” is a reference to James Hadley Chase’s novel, “I Would Rather Stay Poor”. In Japan, the novel is known as “The Ones Who Would Rather Be Poor Than Lucky”.

First published on May 12, 2010.

Opening text

This doesn't look like a death watch…

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Hallo Walker

"Hallo Walker" is a combination of several walking magazines such as “Tokyo Walker”, “Yokohama Walker”, or “Hokaido Walker”, and a magazine called “Hello Work!”.

Nami's bag

The bag she is holding identifies it as originating from Miyurata. This is an actual chain store in Japan, but on the bag the kanji for ‘ya’ in is different.

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If you don’t remember, “Deadend-san” and “Disappointed Tourism” were both introduced in the chapter where Sensei and the class go for a preview of their class trip.

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FOTNS is the abbrievation for “Fist of the North Star”. The other poster in full read “CN Eva”, which is a reference to Evangelion. Both franchises had movies with theatrical releases around the time this chapter was published in early 2008. Fist of the North Star had three movies released between 2006 and 2008, while Evangelion began the Rebuild series in late 2007.

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The restaurant they go to is “Saizeriya”, a real family restaurant chain, but again, a different kanji is used for the ‘ya’.

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A dish that at its simplest, is rice covered with beef and onions, and drizzled in sweet rice wine and a special sweet sauce flavored with fish and seaweed stock. Sometimes, noodles, raw egg, pickled ginger, and/or chili pepper are added to the mix. Many family restaurants specialize in some version of this dish.

Despair List

  • Empty lots completely forgotten when the Lehman Shock hit during the middle of redevelopment
    • “Lehman shock” refers to the sudden bankruptcy of Lehman Bros., which sparked the Great Recession of 2008. Due to the collapse of the financial sector, a lot of redevelopment projects were ended early or cancelled.
  • Graffiti written in tourist areas in foreign languages.
    • When making an appearance at the Baltimore anime festival Otakon in 2008, J-Pop group AAA staged a photoshoot somewhere near a tourist area of the city. Their coordinator told them it would okay to add graffiti to a rock, so they sprayed “JPN AAA 2008” on the rock, and inadvertently landed themselves in hot water. This act of vandalism lead to the joke of "AAA" appearing on random surfaces in every chapter.
  • This world, where only that stuff sells.
    • According to Japanese Kumetan, a reference to series like Hayate and Negima.

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Poorer Spot 4

The book on the shelves is "Love +", the sign underneath the cashier says "Nonexistent Petition", a reference to the Tokyo Manga ban, which was supposedly supported by a survey sent out to store owners. (Results of the survey were never published.)

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Sign (Panel 7)

The main sign says "Antonio", while the smaller sign says "Energy Shot - 1000 yen", a reference to wrestler Antonio Inoki, who sells a power drink to "Give you a shot of my energy!".

Ending text

Celebrate! If you go buy the special volume 21 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and the first volume of Joshiraku, your doubts will become a poorer spot!

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