Chapter 221 - The Flying Miranda-Man


"The Flying Miranda-Man" (さまよえるミランダ人 Samayoeru Miranda-jin) is a pun on "The Flying Dutchman" (さまよえるオランダ人 Samayoeru Oranda-jin)

First published April 28, 2010.

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Sign (Panel 3)

"Joshi" is a reference to Joshiraku.

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Miranda Warning

I'll just let the wiki page do the talking.

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Reference to Chapter 1 of Katteni Kaizo. Kaizo thinks he's been turned into a cyborg, and fearing that he's about to run out of power, sticks a battery up his ass.

Page 8

Kanpaku Sengen

It's a song about a guy who's told by a girl that "the men these days are no good".

Even if I become an old lady

Another song. Japanese title is "Watashi ga oba-san ni natte mo".

Page 10

Despair List

  • Hull Note, a miranda warning for war.
    • Refers to the final attempt at a diplomatic solution to rising tensions between the US and Japan before Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • If you overlook burps, terrible things will happen
    • Frequent and chronic belching can be a sign that something is wrong with the stomach.
  • The explosion warning on official orders in "Spy Taisen"
    • A TV series. "This message will now self-destruct…"
  • If you turn around - dododo - will be followed by a hole
  • J*sef, the protagonist of J*J* pt. 2, is a Miranda protagonist
    • Again, I'll let the wiki page speak for itself

Page 11

Miranda ravine

Ravine (渓間 keikan) is a pun on warning (警醒 keisei)

Page 12

9641-76-5 Consultation

Can be read as Ku-ru-shi-i-na-ra-go, which when added before soudan (consultation) will make the phrase Kurushii nara go-Soudan (If it's painful, get a consultation)

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