Chapter 215 - The Substitute Hina Doll's Love Song


"The Substitute Hina Doll's Love Song" (身代わりひな人形のラブソング mikawari hina ningyou no rabu songu) is a pun on Nagita Keiko's novel "The Substitute Doll's Love Song" (身代わり人形のラブソング mikawari ningyou no rabu songu).

First published March 3, 2010

Page 6

Pass down hina dolls

Typically hina dolls are passed down through the generations, because they're very pricy to buy new.

Page 7

Despair List

  • This game won't sell
    • The word he uses for "flash card" is "Majikon", which is the brand name for a series of DS games involving flashcards.
  • Old-as-new-bookstore
    • Some book stores buy used books and "refurbish" them, using techniques such as trimming the edge of the covers to straighten them, and then sell them as new.
  • Men without balls → Otomen → "The Feminization of Nature"
    • See chapter 208. The term, soushokukei-danshi (草食系男子) literally means "grass-eating men", a term which is applied to effeminate males (e.g. slim, non-muscular, etc.)
    • Otomen is a shoujo manga.
    • "The Feminization of Nature" is a book by Deborah Cadbury.

The bucket makers take responsibility

A pun on the saying "If the wind blows, the bucket makers prosper", meaning that there can be unexplained side effects caused by anything.

Page 8

Boxes (Panel 3)

The boxes say "Smile Company" (reference to Good Smile Company, a figurine manufacturer) "Bear Dot last third" (pun on "Pair Dot", another
figurine maker), and "The manga world shall be at peace".

Page 12

Chage and Aska

A band that was active in the early 90s.

Problem list

  • DialQ2 asked me for 80,000 yen
    • DialQ2 is an information service similar to 411 on NTT.
  • The military took my pots
    • Happened in the closing days of WWII, when the military needed metals for making weapons.
  • I wanted to eat this thing called "ice cream"
    • Written as あいすくりん (aisukurin), which is a *very* old fashioned way of saying it in Tokyo and Yokohama.
  • LADY SEISHONAGON. A very proud person.
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