Chapter 208 - My Sister's Guardian


"My Sister's Guardian" is based on the title "The You Inside of Me" (わたくしのなかのあなた - watakushi no naka no anata), a slight pun on the Japanese name of Jodi Picoult's novel "My Sister's Keeper". The Japanese name is "The You Inside of Me" (わたしのなかのあなた - watashi no naka no anata). Watakushi is a more polite form of Watashi, so we changed "Keeper" to "Guardian" for this reason.

First published on January 6, 2010.

Page 1

Yubaba Ryokan

A reference to Yubaba from Spirited Away.

Page 2

Hato's Room

A refence to former Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama.


Another reference to Spirited Away.

Page 3

Sign (Panel 1)

The sign says "Effect - Detox" . Apparently this is the exact same hot spring that the class visited in chapter 42, where they temporarily lost their personality quirks.

Letter (Panel 4)

The letter has a bleeding eye on it, which is associated with Kafuka, so she's probably the one who wrote it.

Page 4

Entrusting Water

"Entrusting Water" (たくし湯 - takashi-yu) is a pun on "Hiding Water" (隠し湯 - kakushi-yu). The "Hiding Water" bit comes from Chiri's story on pages 2 and 3, where Nami remarked that the Onsen was famous for being a hideout for Shoguns.

Penguin statue

The penguin thing reads "Emperor".

Page 5

TV (Panel 4)

The newscaster's name is 'Ana Kikuma', a reference to real-life TV anchor Yukino Kikuma.

Page 6

Sign (Panel 4)

The sign reads "Room of Friendship", a reference to Yukio Hatoyama's political philosophy of "Friendship".

Page 7

Entrusted with becoming a tsukkomi"

Japanese comedy duos often consist of a smart person, the Tsukkomi, and a slower and dumber person, the Boke. The guy who dragged Sensei into the room is the boke, who was trusted that circumstances will bring him a tsukkomi. Typically, after the boke says something stupid, the tsukkomi will slap the boke on the back of the head and correct him, which is what Sensei does in the next panel.

Guys without bowls

The guy originally used the term "guy eating small lunches". Sensei corrects him with "guy eating grass", which is a term for a man who pretends he's not interested in females or is spineless. (This term actually suits Sensei well.)

Artistic Convention

The people coming to this convention are literally leaving it to "the new year" to bring them talent to complement their (lack of) talent.

Page 8

Itsy-bitsy spider

The guy here is singing the children's song "At the Quiet Lakeside" (しずかな湖畔の - shizuka na kohan no). The part he is singing is to the tune of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider". The actual song is about a Cuckoo singing by the lakeside.

Page 9

Coupon entrusting

For the office workers working late overtime (midnight or later), the usual way back home is by taxi, since the public trains have stopped running for the night by that time. Usually, they would receive a taxi coupon, which charges the cost of the trip to the business. However, with the sluggish economy, businesses save money by withholding these coupons and making their workers pay their own way back home.

Sign (Panel 2)

The sign says "Shidaks", a pun on the karaoke restaurant chain Shidax. The kanji that Kumeta used to make Shidaks read "Death", "Burden", "Pain", and "Necessary".

The Three Studies of the Entrusted Fortress

(託し砦の三学連 - takushi toride no sangakuren) is a pun on the Kurosawa movie "The Three Bad People of the Hidden Fortress" (隠し砦の三悪人 - kakushi toride no sanakunin), better known in the West by its English title, The Hidden Fortress.

Despair List

  • Divine Investment Oracle
    • "Investment Oracle" (投資神託 - toushi shintaku) is a pun on "Investment Funds" (投資信託 - toushishintaku)
  • Hidden Kid
    • A "hidden kid" is a euphemism for an illegitimate child.
  • Prime Minister Thaksin
  • Entrusted Mines
    • A pun on the term "hidden mine" (隠し金山 - kakushi kinzan), which were abandoned mines in which gold was hidden during the Tokugawa Shogunate.
  • Don-Entrust
    • Don-entrust (don tokusu) is a reference to the show Tiger and Dragon, in which actor Tomoya Nagase had to shout the phrase "Dooon dooon dooooooon! DON TAKOSU!"
  • Entrusting commando
    • A reference to the "Gatchaplay" system used at some arcades. If the controllers are moved at random, your character may get a special move.
  • The entrusted gay
    • Reference to musician Ken Hirai. Most of his fans believe he is gay, but he has never made a statement about his sexual orientation.
  • Entrusted driver
    • The entrusted driver (託しドライバー takushi doraibaa) is a pun on the movie Taxi Driver (タクシードライバー takushi doraibaa).
  • Ochanomizu-entrusting
    • Dr. Tenma is the man who built Astro Boy. He gave him to Professor Ochanomizu, who became Astro Boy's legal guardian.
  • Entrusting the challenge to the walkthroughs
    • A reference to the NES game "Takeshi no Chousenjou". The game is Nintendo Hard, and you probably won't beat it without a walkthrough. One part requires you not to touch any controls or talk into the microphone for an hour, while letting a pachinko minigame run in the background.
  • You entrust your head to the sand

* (頭託して尻託さず - atama takushite shiri takusazu) is a pun on "Burying your head in the sand" (頭隠して尻隠さず - atama kakushite shiri kakusazu).

Page 10

Entrust once

A twist on the phrase "Why don't you try once?"

Please take care of Matoi

Here, he uses the kanji 纏 (matoi) for Matoi's name, instead of the usual hiragana. Incidentally, this is the kanji used for her name in the Taiwanese version of SZS.

Page 12

Another nice entrust

If you were to only read the hiragana for this statement, it would say "That's another nice bath, isn't it?"

Steam Murder ~Killing Demon Chapter~

A parody on Higurashi, specifically the story arc "~Hiding Demon Chapter~"

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