Chapter 207 - The Tragedy of the Inset-Sea


"The Tragedy of the Inset Sea" (セット内海の惨劇 - setto naikai no sangeki) is a pun on Yuu Aoi's novel "Tragedy of the Inland Sea" (瀬戸内海の惨劇 - setanaikai no sangeki).

First published on December 22, 2009.

Page 6

Set bags (Panel 1)

The set bags bags say things related to politics, mainly revolving around the then new DPJ coalition government. From right to left: "High Quality Low Quality"; "Subprime Lending", one of the root causes of the 2008 economic crisis; "Screening", a campaign promise of the DPJ to screen the national budget for efficiency; "Tax Increase", another policy of the DPJ; "Treatment", a pledge to make sure that all Japanese children had medical care. The table is labeled "All Friendship Presents", a reference to Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's term for his political philosophy of "Friendship".

On the shelves in the back of the booth, the bags say "Miyuki", a reference to PM Hatoyama's wife; "D" refers to the DPJ, "P" refers to the PNP and "S" refers to the SDP. All three were members of the coalition that took power after the elections of 2009.

The sign to the right of this says "Hanatabake Goods", a reference to Hanatabake Farms, a company that produces gourmet caramel. In August 2009, the company was in financial trouble due to increased competition and corporate restructuring.

The stand at the very left side of the panel is selling AKB48 stuff.

Set groups (Panel 2)

The bags on the table say "Mississippi Set", a reference to the game Murder on the Mississippi, and "Dragon Quest III".

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Chibaragi Yankees

Chibaragi is the informal name for the region consisting of northern Chiba prefecture and southern Ibaraki prefecture. Here, Kumeta also includes Tochigi prefecture as well.

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Despair List

  • Ei-chan and Johnny
    • Refers to Eichi Yazawa and Johnnie Ookura, who were both members of the band Carol in the 1970s. They've been feuding ever since the band broke up.
  • Sacchie and Miccie
    • Nicknames of Sachiyo Nomura and Mitsuyo Asaka, two elderly idols who were on good terms until they had a fight in 1999.
  • The models Marie and Tsubasa
    • Tsubasa Masuwaka and a model who uses the stage name "Marie". They have been on bad terms with each other since appearing on a TV show together.
  • The Hatoyama Brothers
    • Yukio Hatoyama (former Japanese PM) and his brother Kunio Hatoyama (former Minister of Internal Affairs for the LDP) aren't on good terms with one another.
  • The Hitotsubashi Group

Sign (Panel 3)

The sign says "Luxurious No Pants Shabu Shabu". Refers to an incident in 1998 where members of the Ministry of Finance were caught eating in a "no pants" Shabu-Shabu restaurant.

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Despair List

  • Ice Cream and Music
    • Both can be purchased at Cold Stone Creameries.
  • Musashi, which came with an FF-demo
  • Brochures
    • When renewing your driver's license in Japan, you're given a lot of brochures about things like traffic safety.
  • When someone likes you, you get a pimple
    • Refers to a Clearasil commercial, where a guy gets a pimple after a girl tells him she likes him.
  • If you go on a date, you get fur, too.
    • Apparently it's a tradition to get your date furs of some sort if you're fairly intimate.
  • Micheal and Nakajima in the age of Nichiham
  • Mitiki and Shouji
    • Singer Miki Fujimoto and her husband, comedian Tomoharu Shouji.
  • DPJ and SDP
    • The two main members of the ruling coalition at the end of 2009.
  • The East Asian Community
    • How PM Hatoyama refers to most of east Asia.
  • ODA, with strings attached
    • ODA is an acronym for Official Development Assistance which is only offered to certain companies, hence the "strings attached".
  • Well, like SunMaga
    • The double-celebration of the 50th anniversary of Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine.

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The magazines beside Harumi are "Let's Start a Band", a real magazine; "Women's 60 Minutes", a reference to a variety show that ran from the 70s to the 90s, "Monopoly! Women's 60 Minutes"; "Oyones", a pop duo; "Puchi Birthday" and "Seven", which are references to two girls' magazines that failed in 2003 and 2001, respectively.

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Kumeta (Panel 6)

Reference to his covers of GO! Southern Ice Hockey Club, which featured amusing photo edits and Kumeta appearing in various states of undress. The letters say "Die! Don't show us your ass! You're a pervert!" and "Please don't publish such dirty comics in your magazine."

Panel 12

The name of the store her is "Memory Store". It sells "Ken-chan Ramen", an actual ramen brand; "Kin Choco"; "Atari Masse" and "Heart Chips".

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Panel 1

Boxes in background say "Sylvanian Families", a company that makes toys aimed towards little girls; "Nekonyan", a reference to "Nekonyanbou", another girls toy brand; "Nuubo-" a reference to a waffle brand of the same name; "Nerunerune", a reference to a candy brand called "Nerunerunerune".

How nostalgic

The comic Nami is reading is Tonde Buurin (a.k.a. Super Pig), a magical girl series that ran in Shogakukan's Ciao and was turned into an anime.

I think I ate Pino every day!"

Pino is an ice cream treat produced by Morinaga Eskimo.

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In Nagoya (and the surrounding Aichi prefecture), if you order a coffee at a cafe, you also get an egg, toast, salad or other things called "Morning Service" with it.


The Japanese McDonalds has "Smile" on its value menu at a cost of "0 yen"


A milkshake. In this case, it was katakananized as "Sheek", which was crossed out and replaced with "Shake".

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I think this is the first time…

White Nami is a reference to Ashita no Joe.

When I bought a used car…"

"Profit" (お得 - o-toku) can also mean "entering Nirvana".

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Awaji Island

Awaji Island is located in the Naruto Strait.

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