Chapter 189 - People I Summer


"People I Summer" (夏かしい人たち) is a pun on the memoirs of Junnosuke Yoshiyuki, entitled "People I Miss" (懐かしい人たち Natsukashii Hitotachi).

First published on July 22, 2009

Page 1

Booth (Panel 2)

The booth advertises "Apple candies" and "plucking", a reference to the opening theme of Zan SZS, "Ringo Mogire Beam" (Apple Plucking Beam)

Page 2

Calendar (Panel 1)

"Summer Holiday Friend" is a euphemism for homework assigned over summer break.

Summer Holidays

The end of summer holidays in Japan is almost universally September 1, or the first Monday after.

Page 3

Booth (Panel 1)

"Cold White Asparagus" is based on a line from Natsume's Book of Friends. Nyanko-sensei (voiced by none other than Hiroshi Kamiya) shouts "Natsume's bad luck! Baldie! White Asparagus!" on occasion. The "Manekinyanko-Sensei" is also a reference to Nyanko-sensei, Manekinekos (the cat you see with the arm raised, a symbol of good luck), and a reference to the previous chapter, where "Sensei" was being added to everything.

Page 4

Ramen cup

"Ramen Ijirou" is a pun on Ramen Jirou (another reference to chapter 188.

Page 5

Booth (Panel 2)

"Kyou Helper" is a pun on a drama series called "Ninkyou Helper"

Page 6

Booth (Panel 6)

The booth is owned by SHAFT, with flyers saying "Bake" (Bakemonogatari) and "Zan" (Zan SZS), both of which aired in the summer 2009 season. "Apple Plucking" is another reference to Ringo Mogire Beam.

Page 7

Booths (Panel 1)

"Breakup" - refers to the breaking up of some parts of the Diet in July 2009. The other stand says "Hot Dog", and right beside Chie-sensei, you can see part of a sign. The visible kanji reads "ko", and is probably a reference to Kobayashi, a Japanese man who won the Nathan's World Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York 6 times in a row.

Sign (Panel 2)

"Summer Vegetables Main" a pun on a TV show called "Kicking Idol Ai Mai Main”

Page 10

Booth (Panel 1)

The signs say "Apple" "Okure" "C", which was originally going to be the title for Ringo Mogire Beam. It is a reference to a password used by a doomsday cult, who believed that as the Earth was about to end, UFOs would show up and rescue everyone who knew the password, which was "Ringo Okure C" (Apple Level C). This is also what the stuff about passwords in the song is referencing.

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Web Sunday

An online magazine by Shogakukan


A former brand label for certain products produced by Matsushita.

Page 13

Tarama Village, Okinawa actually exists. It has a population of about 1000.

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