Chapter 186 - A Chest of Poor People


"A Chest of Poor People" (貧しき人々の胸 mazushiki hitobito no mune), is a pun on an essay by Miyamoto Yuriko, "A Crowd of Poor People" (貧しき人々の群れ mazushiki hitobito no mure).

This chapter appeared in Shonen Magazine on July 1, 2009.

Title Page

Some of the words appearing above Harumi's head
8/14: Coconuts (a reference to her Coco X Natsu pairing in PreCure 5), Gundamoh
8/15: Hetaliya, Togainu no chi, with the Inu written with a different kanji.

Page 1

The orb in the background reads Zan. The other signs read Tanabata.

Kafuka's song

The first four syllables of the song are identical to the song "Tanabata-sama", so it's likely that's what she is singing to the tune of. However, the lyrics are distinctly off:

Original version:

Bamboo leaves are rustling, rustling~ Swaying close to the roof's edge
The stars twinkle; Gold and silver grains of sand~

Kafuka's version:

Blindfolding the leaves of bamboo grass~ the place of our rendezvous
Along the Milky-way on the national highway a quarrel with another ox carriage~
Talking about Hikoboshi and his folks, good faith is not enough, kill kill the heavenly river~

When Abiru notes that "it's because we don't want to pay fees to a certain company", she's referring to Kafuka's lyrics being like they are so Kumeta doesn't have to pay royalties to JASRAC

The kanji in the sign behind Abiru and Nami also reads Zan.


Page 2


  • I want a world where it's okay to be nude! -Kusa
    • Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, a member of SMAP. In early 2009, he was arrested for dancing around naked in a park. When questioned, he asked, "What's wrong with being naked?
  • I want it to be in Tokyo!
    • The 2016 Olypmics. Between the time this chapter was published and the time it was collected in a tankobon, Rio de Janeiro was picked to be the host.
  • I wish they'll just fly over Japan.
    • Reference to North Korean missiles.

"It's Izo Okada's last weapon, at least from Shiba's point of view." - Okada Izo was an assassin who worked to overthrow the shogunate and restore the emperor to power during the mid-1800s. Shiba Ryotaro, a historian, published a book in the 1960s about Izo, which alleged that Izo's last fight was fought with a blade of bamboo.

Page 3

"For your sake, my devoted heart shall become foam and all shall become clear afterwards" - Ai is quoting a poem that Okada wrote before his execution in 1863.

Page 4


The person here is Kenjiro Hata, author of Hayate the Combat Butler, and Kumeta's former assistant. When he was first starting out as an artist, he wanted to become an animator, so he tried getting a job at Ghibli. He ended up with Kumeta instead…

Page 5

Eva Cell Phone

Hideaki Anno's Studio Khara and Sharp collaborated to produce a bit of Evangelion Rebuild tie-in merchandising, a slightly redesigned version of Sharp's SH-06 phone.

Zan-para 252510-ga / Reipaa

This is a pretty complex joke. 252510-ga can be pronounced as ni-go-ni-go-too-ga, which is a pun on NikoNiko Douga. Zan-para refers to mishearing lyrics on NikoNiko Douga. In the live version of Ouzoku BAND's “Bird of Paradise”, someone heard "The food scraps of Paradise" “残飯のパラダイス” (zanpan no paradaisu) instead of “The Bird of Paradise”. As a result, he named the video 残パラ (zanpara). This was based on a 2channel meme called 冷パア (reipaa), originally 冷酷無比のパラノイド・アンドロイド (reikoku muhi no paranoido andoroid – the peerless cold-hearted paranoid android) which stems from the song “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead.


The woman is Kashiwagi Shiho. The person she was going out with was Nakamura Ine, a musician famous for performing on NikoNiko Douga while wearing a horse mask. She had an affair with him while still being married to Yabuki Kentarô, the author of ToLove Ru. It's unknown whether Kashiwagi and Maeda had an affair as well, but they're both assistants of mangaka Seguchi Takahiro. @_@


MyMIXI is a part of the Japanese social network mixi.

Tenchijin soldiers

Tenchijin is an NHK historical drama that aired during most of 2009.

Page 6

Despair List

  • I'm Cao Cao as foretold in the Annals of the Three Kingdoms
  • We're entering TVK
    • TVK was the first station to air most of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and its subsequent seasons
  • Because Miura has Yokohama plates
  • Dear customer, if you use it for a fixed time, you'll get 0.2% interest rates!
    • Most banks in Japan do not give interest, or if they do, it's as low as 0.1 or 0.2%
  • This city is called the Shibuya of Ibaraki!
    • There is a large shopping mall called Creo Square located within the city of Tsukuba that appears much like central Shibuya.
  • I'm told my eyes look like Toda Erika
  • I appeared on iitomo
    • You might not actually appear in a segment of the show, but a new opening sequence is filmed for every show somewhere in Shinjuku, so you might end up on the opening credits if you were just walking by at the time.
  • I appeared in Sunday's Postcard Corner
    • The people whose letters are selected to be featured in the Postcard Corner are based on who sent the most postcards.
  • I draw on a Mac
    • Not really special, considering most people involved with arts and design use them.


  • I want you to save my earth
    • A pun on the comic "Please Save My Earth"


"Project Eco" and "Ako" are a reference to the 1986 anime movie Project A-ko.

Gas Mileage

Refers to the Chevy Camaro and a GM concept car called "Transformer". The average fuel mileages for these cars isn't great compared with most small cars in Japan. 3km per liter works out to about 7 miles per gallon. This mileage is a bit exaggerated as the Camaro manages about 8km per liter (19 miles per gallon) in cities, but most of the small cars in Japan get significantly better mileage, averaging about 15km per liter (36 miles per gallon).

MY Chopsticks

My箸 (MY hashi), another way to writeマイ箸 (maihashi). Maihashi are washable chopsticks you carry around just in case. If you do so, you don't need to use disposable chopsticks

Page 8

Personal Information

Refers to a 2004 incident in which Yahoo!BB was hacked, leading to a release of several peoples' personal information. Yahoo compensated them with a 500 yen coupon (roughly $5).

Page 9


A pun on Akafuku Mochi, made with bean paste on mochi pounded rice.

Page 10

It's a shabby thing

Ai is quoting a saying from Buddhist legend "Better one light from a poor person than the 10000 lights of a millionaire" (長者の万灯より貧乏の一灯 chôja no mantô yori binbô no ittô). It is also often quoted as hinja no ittô (貧者の一灯) which is the Japanese title of the similar "Parable of the Widow's Mite" from the Bible.

Page 12

Panda-loving auntie

Probably Kuroyanagi Tetsuko.

From me, to you.

Reference to the shoujo manga/anime //Kimi ni Todoke//, "From me to you"

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