Chapter 183 - An Encouragement of House Arrest


"An Encouragement of House Arrest" (閉門ノススメ - heimon no susume) is a pun on Shimizu Yoshinori's novel "An Encouragement of Learning" (学問のすゝめ - gakumon no susume). In turn, that novel's title is a reference to Fukuzawa's Yukichi's essays of the same name.

First published June 3, 2009.

Page 1

Nami's Shirt

Seiyuu reference. Nami's voice actress, Ryouko Shintani is also a successful singer. Her fanclub is named Pink Rocks. Several event/concerts also have the same name.

Background stuff (Panel 1) (From right to left)

  • Jump vol. 40, Hide Out Door
    • Reference to the comic hideout door in Bakuman
  • To Love Ryuu
  • Uranai Ohyakka
  • Death Patchi

TV (Panel 3)

The TV says "Tano-san Hour - Waratte ii tomourou!", a spoof on Tamori's one hour show, //Waratte

TV (Panel 4)

The person on TV is Aso Taro. The banner at back says "Incredible", a reference to his book, Incredible Japan. To his right, the text says "Aso Semen", which is Kumeta being Kumeta.

Page 2

Bulletin Board (Panel 1)

The board says "Notice" - "Take care not to catch a cold."

At the time this chapter was published, the Mexican Flu was creating a huge public health scare due to its high potency and somewhat high virulence. Schools in Japan were closed as a precautionary measure.

We have some time off

Apparently, the events from the last chapter were enough to get them suspended from school for an indefinite amount of time.

Page 3

Kiri's mug (Panel 1)

It says "Zan", a reference to Zan SZS, which would begin airing about a month after this chapter was published.

ReTime LP (Panel 2)

Reference to Ryouko Shintani's (then) new single "Re TIME"

Notebook (Panel 2)

The notebook at far left in this panel says "Note View", a parody of Google Street View.

Page 4

Note (Panel 1)

The note beside Ookusa reads "Ueto Aya - Lecture on Konkatsu". Ueto Aya is a drama actress who probably referenced here because of her role as Kozue in the Attack No.1 live action series.

Konkatsu was another series that she starred in which was airing around the time this chapter was published.

Emergency Demands

This is actually a term generally reserved for wartime demands.

Page 6

Neighbor (Panel 1)

The guy whose backyard is getting bulldozed is Isono Namihei from Sazae-san.

Rin's Magazine

"Tokyo 2Weeks - The best 10 parks to go to after a drink!" - A parody of the magazine Tokyo 1Week. The guy on the cover looks familiar to me, but I can't place the name. I think he's a celebrity who got drunk and was arrested running around naked in a park.

Page 7

Magazine (Panel 3)

"Koishikawa's Popular Store! Ramen Kurobee! (Unique!)" "Jungle Ramen Special" "At lunch, the line is unbearable!" "The ramen is great, if you don't mind hour-long…" "New! Illusion Kurubee Ramen…" "Bun Koike"

"Ramen Kurobee" is a spoof of a comic by the author of Doraemon, "Jungle Kurobee". It's probably why the dish below the headline also looks like a caricature of a black person's head. "Bun Koike" is the name of a character in this series.

Page 9


"Ume Boshi" and "Ramen Kurobee". "Ume Boshi" is from a comic Umeboshi denka, also by the author of Doraemon.

Page 10


A reference to Joshiraku, which was definitely well along in the planning stages at the time this chapter was published. The first chapter would premiere on September 9.

Medici family

See here for a general overview of the family.

Page 11


Sensei is singing "Zessho", his character song from Zan SZS.

Family members

"We're your family members" - or married and already divorced from him.

Page 12

Book (Panel 4)

Sensei's book says "Gorey", a reference to Edward Gorey. His work has popped up a number of times in SZS, the most recent being in chapter 177.

Page 13

Ingredient box (Panel 1)

The box says "Nakamuara Nori", a reference to baseball player Nakamura Norihiro.

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