Chapter 179 - We Are Linus


"We Are Linus" (われらライナス warera rainasu) is a pun on the song "We Love" (われら愛す warera aisu), which was proposed as a national anthem to replace Kimi ga yo after World War II. Linus is a reference to the character from Peanuts.

First published May 2, 2009.

Page 1

May (Panel 1)

Kind of a time dissonance going on here. This chapter was first published in May, but the blackboard a few pages later reads "April 22".

Page 3

Coffee mug (Panel 5)

The kanji (変 hen) on the mug means "Strange", which was voted Kanji of the Year for 2008.

Page 4

Coffee mug (Panel 1)

The kanji (恋 koi) on this mug reads "Love". Probably chosen because it looks similar to 変

Security Blanket

A term popularized by Linus, who referred to his blanket as a "security blanket".

Page 6

Handing out money

Reference to a stimulus program in Japan in March 2009, in which most Japanese citizens received 12,000 yen (~$121 at 2009 exchange rates) as an attempt to revive the Japanese economy, which was in a much deeper recession than the US as 2009 opened.

Page 8

Wage rags

A pun on delivery. 給付 (kyûfu) -> 給布 (kyûfu; lit. wage+cloth)

Signs (Panel 8)

"Toushou Mothars" is a pun on "Toushou Mothers", the company that founded the Toyko Stock Exchange; "Okkasan Stocks" is a pun on a company called "Okasan Stocks".

Page 9

Maiasauri Shinbun

A mashup of Japan's more prestigious newspapers, Mainichi Shinbun, Asahi Shinbun and Yomiuri Shinbun.

Newspaper (Panel 2)

"'My Clothes Became Invisible!'"; "Something went bad because of Z!" - A reference to a SZBH joke, in which nudity (全裸 zenra) is referred to as "Z".

Page 10

Backgrounds (Panel 3)

  • Cat House Mekabu
    • Reference to Mekabu-tan, a cat that got popular on the internet.
  • Earthenware Pot
  • Nobu
    • Nobuyo Ooyama, former voice actress of Doraemon
  • Demi
  • Harmful Books
  • "It's Creaking"
    • Taken from an episode of Sazae-san in which her son Tarao (Tara-chan) feels secure when his tricycle creaks

Despair List

  • Elmo's Blanket -> Jigen's Hat -> Hiroshi's sunglasses.
    • Elmo from Sesame Street
    • Jigen from Lupin III
    • Hiroshi, the main character from “Dokonjou Gaeru”, who is never seen without sunglasses.

Diet items (Panel 5)

"Yasukiyo" is a mash-up of a (now closed) Manzai convenience store named “Yokoyama Yasushi – Nishiyama Kiyoshi” and Matsukiyo, the abbreviation of drugstore chain Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Chiri's doll (Panel 7)

Very closely resembles Umi's doll from Katte ni Kaizo. >_>

Page 11

Despair List

  • The movie "Speed Racer" feels secure by looking at the movie "Dragonball"
    • Speed Racer was okay, but Dragonball was a steaming pile of [expletive deleted]
  • Shouzou feels secure when he looks at Sanpei
    • These are both rakugo artists.
  • Abe-san feels secure when he looks at Fukuda-san
    • Both former Prime Ministers. Abe's official reason for resignation was "poor health", while Fukuda resigned "to improve the flow of the political process".
  • Maehara-san feels secure when looking at Ozawa-san
  • Joe feels secure when he sees Nishi
    • Reference to Ashita no Joe. Nishi is Joe's friend, but is not as successful.
  • Zaku feels secure when looking at Ball
    • Both are weapons in the Gundam universe.
  • When naked (Koji) looks at naked (Tsuyoshi), he feels secure
    • Reference to Koji Kumeta and the aforementioned Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. Especially a reference to this. (NSFW link)

Page 12

Neighboring country (Panel 6)

Well, the possibilities are (in descending order of likelihood) Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, China, and North Korea.

Page 13

Abe Sada

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