Chapter 178 - A Harmful, Buried Secret


"A Harmful, Buried Secret" (葬られ損ねた秘密 - Houmurare sokoneta himitsu) is based on Lafcadio Hearn's short story "A Dead Secret" or "A Buried Secret" (葬られた秘密 - Homurareta himitsu).

First published April 22, 2009.

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The rocket here is a North Korean Taepodong-2 missile, which was announced would be carrying a satellite into orbit on a path that took it over Japan. The launch took place on April 5, 2009, after much posturing from both sides. Japan claimed it would shoot down the missile, and North Korea threatening war in retaliation if it did.

The rocket test was a failure, as the third stage of the rocket failed to separate from the second stage. It plunged into the Pacific Ocean some 3800 km from the launch site.

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