Chapter 171 - The Forceful Window


"The Forceful Window" (強引の窓 - Gouin no mado) is a reference to Ishikawa Takuboku's short story "The Hospital Window" (病院の窓 - Byoin no mado).

First published on February 25, 2009.

Page 3

Giant Killing Beer

A pun on both Kirin Beer, but also the soccer anime/manga Giant Killing. This particular beer is name Tatsumi, who is the main character in Giant Killing.

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DVDs (Panel 3)

Two of the DVDs say "Those", but the bottom one says "P-man", a reference to Peking Man, a movie by Satou Jun'ya.

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Map Locations

The locations on the map all refer to characters and locations from Doraemon. "G Family" - Gouda family; "H family" - Honekawa family; "N Family" - Nobi family; "M family" - Minamoto family.

Background references (Panels 6 and 7)

There are a number of references to the large convenience store chain Lawson. Signs included "Hot Stantio" - a reference to Lawson's slogan "Town's Hot Station"; "PPII-Work" - a multimedia kiosk named Loppi; "Lotiom", a somewhat similar name to Lawson.

Page 6

Maker (Panel 1)

The marker says "Yu" or "Warm Water". This is a reference to the film Spirited Away. The Yu in Yubaba's name is written using the character for warm water.

Magazine (Panel 4)

The magazine is named "Muuuu", a reference to the paranormal magazine "Muu".

"Kotsu-bo Tunnel" is a pun on Kotsubo Tunnel in Kanagawa Prefecture (where Kumeta's from), which is widely known in Japan as a haunted place.

Page 7

Wii Game (Panel 1)

The name of the game he is reaching for: "Burning Major League - Complete Dark Matter"

Page 9

Robtato De Niro

The potato in Japan is called 'imo'. Usui here says "Robaato benimo".

Page 10

Mamba Koshien

Reference to the "Aim for the Manga Koshien" gag from episode 7 of the first SZS series, itself a reference to the Hanshin Koshien Stadium and eponymous Japanese national high school baseball championship held every August.

The lumbago of Haruhi Suzumiya

Here he says youtsuu (lumbago) instead of yuutsuu (melancholy)

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Despair List

  • Nakasu during floods
    • Nakasu is the red-light district of Fukuoka and lies between two rivers.
  • Despite being a cemetery, it's a dating spot.
    • The old foreigner cemetery (see here, second paragraph in Yokohama is open to the public on weekends and is a somewhat popular dating spot.
  • Rare cola
    • Every year Pepsi tries some weird seasonal types of cola like Pepsi Blue, Pepsi Blue Hawaii, Pepsi Shiso, etc.
  • Denkibran
  • A racehorse with a succession of defeats
  • Damens Walker
  • Karesen
    • Young women who are attracted to much older men (e.g. she's 20, he's 50)
  • A flickering anime on the big screen
    • Japanese onomatopoeia was "Pikapika", so its a reference to the "Pokemon shock" incident in 1997 when kids had epileptic seizures because of seeing an episode of Pokemon with lots of flashing colors.

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Bad End

A pun on the folk rock band Happy End.

Page 12

A singer with an unstable heart

Refers to J-Pop singer Cocco.

Dangerous Detectives

See here.

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Planet of the Normals

Does this really need explanation?

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