Chapter 170 - Third Time's the Charm


"Third Time's the Charm" is a somewhat liberal translation. The actual title of this chapter is "After the Third Time" ( 三次のあと sanji no ato), a pun on Shiraki Shizu's novel, "After the Accident" (惨事のあと sanji no ato)

First published on February 10, 2009.

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Most of this chapter is the application of one of the most famous paradoxes in physics, that of Schrödinger's Cat. The paradox is named after Erwin Schrödinger, who first described the paradox in the form of a thought experiment. He suggested that if a cat was placed in a sealed container that also contained a capsule of poisonous gas released whenever a) the box was reopened or b) when a detector containing a radioactive element registered a decay, it would be impossible to know for sure if the cat had been exposed to the poison. Either the radioactive element had decayed and released the poison, or it had not. Any attempt to open the box and make sure would render the cat nonfunctional as well. This idea is one of the main points underlying quantum theory: not that the cat is both dead and alive at the same time (that would be silly), but that act observing the object fundamentally alters it.

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Box (Panel 1)

The box reads "Renve21", a reference to a hair regrowth clinic.

Page 6

Poster (Panel 2)

"10,000 days" is a reference to voice actress Inoue Kikuko (perennially 17 years old), who around the time of this chapter was turning 17 years and 10,000 days old.

Ramen (Panel 3)

"Calories of (Ten)kaippin Ramen : 799kcal" - Tenkaippin Ramen is a ramen restaurant chain.

Nami's bag (Panel 6)

The bag says "Machioka", a candy store.

Page 7

Box (Panel 1)

The box says "For your food - Kaewrap" See here.

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Schrodinger's Despair List

  • Schrödinger's retreating submarines
    • Reference to the Russian nuclear sub that crashed in 2008.
  • Schrödinger's room of an old person living alone
    • Are they alive or dead?
  • Schrödinger's Dead Sea Scrolls
    • Quite possibly an Evangelion reference, since there's a secret collection of those in existence.

Page 11

Schrödinger's Brides (Boxes)

  • Otonashi records
  • Mikaka before DacaMa
  • Apologize
  • My 2 weekly laws
  • Luxury shovel
  • Cheeky
    • Hard not to see this being a reference to Nike's logo
  • 00 calendar
  • Sun Prints
  • Very Important Poster
  • Pet(???)
  • Bandages
  • Business use
  • Kindô Macchi
  • Pyromanic girl
  • In the shadow
  • Ice pick business use

Box (Panel 2)

Says "Kimono Sanada", a reference to Matoi's voice actress Sanada Asami, who has the ability to put on a kimono by herself (which is a somewhat difficult task)

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  • Cone
  • class material
  • 2 go in
  • Ramen
  • 326
  • Average
    • The kanji used here can also read "Nami"
  • Diet Supplements
  • Side job
  • 17 - 10,000 days
  • ball-pen
  • Zenzaren
  • Zenzaren
  • Fujiwara Blanket store
  • The Manga-World shall be at peace
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