Chapter 169 - Jeremy Thatcher, Driving Contest Hatcher


In Japanese, the title is "Jeremy and the Driving Contest Egg (ジェレミーとドラコンの卵 jeremî to dorakon no tamago), a pun on "Jeremy and the Dragon Egg" (ジェレミーとドラゴンの卵 jeremî to doragon no tamago). This title is based on the Japanese title of the Bruce Cowell's novel “Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher”. A driving contest is a kind of golf contest where the person with the longest drive wins.

First published February 4, 2009.

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Itoshiki Country Club

The Kanji here are more like zetsu (絶) than Itoshiki (糸色). However, for Nozomu's parents, this would be a good thing, since it would make their names even more positive.

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Signs (Panel 4)

  • "Châ-Shû-men store". Probably a reference to the golf manga Ashita tenki ni naare (Gotta be Nice Weather Tomorrow), in which the main character shouts "Cha" "Shu" "Men" during his swing and after the shot.
  • "Lesson Orikin Takeda" is a reference to another golf manga, Puro Gorufâ Oribe Kinjirô (Professional Golfer Oribe Kinjirô). Oribe Kinjiro's name is often shorted to Orikin.
  • "Clubs Banpan" is a shortened reference to a joke that appears in Katteni Kaizo, "Club Banjo Pantsu" or "10,000 Pants Club".
  • "Mister X main office" - Mr. X is a character from the manga Professional Golfer Saru
  • "Cha Shu Men Specialized"

Poster (Panel 5)

"Street Golfer in Stock!" - reference to the PS2 game "Street Golfer".

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Panel 1 (assorted)

  • The book reads "Segabest", a reference to Zoku episode 7, which had the line "Sega games are the best games in the world!"
  • The games on the ground are "VVii Golf"; "428 Yotsuya", a reference to the game "Fûsa sareta Shibuya de"; "Tonchi"; "Kaze hebon"
  • The book under the bed is "Shikora", a reference back to chapter 148.
  • "Djump Toriko" is a reference to Shonen Jump and a manga running in it called "Toriko".
  • The calendar says "2009 00", a reference to Gundam 00. Also on the calendar is Tieria Erde, who is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.
  • Poster on the wall says "To Rip Ru", reference to the manga "To Love Ru".

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Store (Panel 2)

"Golf Shop Nanaumi" is a reference to the golf manga "Rising Impact". Nanaumi is the main character.

Signs (Panel 4)

"Parko", reference to a department store; "Marui", name of a fashion brand; "Seibu", a large department store.

Sign (Panel 8)

"Maihama Land" Maihama is the name of the city where Tôkyô Disneyland is located. Since it's not possible for manga authors to use "Disneyland" unless authorized by Disney, Kumeta uses "Maihama Land" instead.

Page 5

Sign (Panel 5)

"Hinamizawa Station", a reference to the town in which Higurashi takes place.

Poster (Panel 7)

The poster says "Goku - Lower Side". Reference to the second (of three) Goku OVAs, the first two of which were called "The Upper Side" and "The Lower Side".

Page 6

Of course.

This is a terribad pun. (当たり前だ →あたり前田)

Sign (Panel 2)

"JR Suidôbashi Station", a station located between Bunkyô and Chiyoda, which is about where Koishikawa is located.

Page 9

Poster (Panel 3)

That's former Prime Minister Taro Aso, and the book he is reading is Kaze no Daichi, another golf manga. This is entirely plausible, as Mr. Aso is a confirmed otaku, who once remarked that he reads 10-20 comic magazines a week.

Page 10

Despair List

  • To what extent can you insist on looking like Ayase Haruka?
  • How far can you insist it's still Shonan?
    • As a region, it's doesn't have strict boundaries, and regional cultural tendencies tend to blur out instead of reaching sharply defined borders.
  • How far can you cross the Mexican border?
  • What can you insist is the territory of your motherland?
    • For the Japanese, Sakhalin, the Southern Kuril Islands and the Liancourt Rocks. We suggest that the boundaries are parts of Poland, Austria and France for Germany; Texas for Mexico; everywhere that's not America for Americans.
  • Just how different can I draw comics from the ones I started out drawing?
    • Could refer to the differences between Katteni Kaizo and Zetsubou-sensei and Southern Ice Hockey Club, or the art shift that his manga are known for. (Not really as pronounced in Zetsubou-sensei as his other works).

Page 11

Despair List

  • How close can you come to drawing Death Note?
    • See chapter 164 for Kumeta lambasting the manga "Megabaka" for this. Also could be a reference to "Lost+Brain"
  • How close inside your social circle can you date? (Beverly Hills)
  • To what extent can you use words like "Dream" or "Time"
    • Reference to an incident in which Leiji Matsumoto (of Space Battleship Yamato and Space Captain Harlock fame) sued singer-songwriter Noriyuki Makihara for basing lyrics on lines from his manga Galaxy Express 999. See here.

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The wine bottle says "Burgogne", a wine-producing region in France.

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