Chapter 150 - Notice From the Ministry of Prognostication


The Japanese title of this chapter is 預言省告示 (Yogenshou kokuji), a pun on Unno Juuza's 1947 novel, "Notice from the Ministry of Prediction" 予報省告示 (Yohoushou kokuji).

Yogen (預言) and yohou (予報) both mean prediction, but yogen is a prediction based on prophesy, while yohou is based on scientific information.

First published on August 20, 2008.

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The bottle says "Abe Brewery" and "Depression Country", and contains Kumeta's usual caricature of former Japanese PM Abe Shinzou. As an added bonus, in some dialects, Abe's given name Shinzou sounds very similar to Shuzou (酒造), meaning "brewery".

"Depression Country" (鬱国 - utsuguni is a pun on the book, "To A Beautiful Country" (美しい国え - utsukushii kuni e). Kumeta often "misspells" this book as "depressionful country" (鬱くしい国え - utsu kushii kuni e)


The record with Sensei and Nami on it is the 4th DJ CD for SZBH.


The cans laying around say "Aquarium", a pun on an energy drink called "Aquarius"; "Bolt", a pun on Jolt Cola; "Cola Jero", a pun on Coke Zero.

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The newspaper says "August 6! Big earthquake right underneath the capital area!"; "Tokyo Magnitude 6.9!"; "It comes! It comes for sure! (repeated ad nauseum)"; "Prophet Master Cicciolino"; "His predictions were true in the past! The 2008 crude oil price jump, The Fall of the Whispering Landlady, Mona resigning from Sakiyomi, Appearance of Namu-kun, Wednesday's Renewal; *yo is a big hit"

  • "It comes! It comes for sure!" is a lyric found in the ending theme of the Japanese [] movies.
  • "Prophet Master Cicciolino" is a pun on Cicciolina
  • "Fall of the whispering landlady" - A reference to the restaurant chain Senbakicho. Apparently a landlady openly said rude things about them, but in a whisper.
  • "Mona Resigning from Sakiyomi" - Sakiyomi is a news program, while Mona is Yamamoto Mona, whom Kumeta likes to draw. A lot.
  • "Namu-kun" - A spoof of Nara's mascot Sento-kun.
  • "Wednesday Renewal" - SZBH is updated every Wednesday. However, the show is actually broadcast on Tuesdays.
  • "*yo Big Hit" - Ponyo

Chiri's newspaper

"Aso - He Was Successful" - Refers to Aso Taro, who became Chief Secretary of the LDP around the time this chapter was published.

"Goku OAD" - The OAD was released together with this volume of SZS.

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Kanji (Panel 6)

It's the "wan" from "Taiwan". Kumeta traveled there for an interview and convention in August 2008.

Abiru's milk "Koiwai"

Koiwai is Yotsuba's last name in Yotsuba&!

Prevention goods

"Hands" referes to Tokyu Hands, a department store.

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You feel you have to publish that OAD

Another reference to Goku SZS.

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Sign (Panel 3)

The sign reads "Tenipuri Musical, Tokyo". Tenipuri is "The Prince of Tennis", and there really is a musical.

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Majiru's beloved idols

"Leah Jizon", a pun on Leah Dizon; "Kaori", reference to Kaori Manabe.


Kouno Youhei, a politician in the LDP. He publicly demanded that the USA help Japan with North Korea.


The causus belli for the Second Gulf War.

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Despair list

  • Swimsuits from the speed company
    • The Speedo LZR Racer swimsuits, which are now banned in competition racing.
  • Gold in Dragon Quest Casinos
    • It's practically the same as when playing pachinko. You can only use the gold to buy stuff in that particular casino, not anywhere else.
  • Air Balloon
  • China still goes…
    • …and hosts the 2008 Summer Olympics
  • Murder on the Mississippi
    • Playing it without a walkthrough is dumb because 99% of the time you'll fall into a hole and get a game over.
  • Low rank in the name list
    • Refers to politics. The first person on this list gets the first mandate.

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Poster (Panel 1)

"Maedax Figures Please" See here

Ippo's younger brother

Refers to "Hajime no Ippo". The main character, Ippo, literally translates as "one step". The younger brother Kafuka comes up with, Niho, means "two step".

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The main character of the manga "Shibatora", which runs in Shonen Magazine. There was a live-action TV show based on it running at the time this chapter was published.

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Censored stuff (or at least some of it)

"* Island belongs to our country!" - Reference to the Liancourt Rocks, which belong to Korea but with a Japanese claim to the territory; "A* is a rip off of ***a!" - Atlantis is a rip off of Nadia.

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A Japanese dessert made with lots of jelly mixed with other confectionaries.

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