Chapter 148 - In Search of Lost Punchline


"In Search of Lost Punchline" (Ushinawareta ochi o motomete 失われたオチを求めて) is a pun on Marcel Proust's "In Search of Lost Time" (Ushinawareta toki o motomete 失われた時を求めて)

First published on July 30, 2008.

Page 1

Red Data Animals

The IUCN Red List is an attempt to evaluate the extinction probability of animals based on a number of factors, including population, habitat size, and ecosystem health. Animals with a high probability of extinction are placed on the Red List, and are sometimes known as Red Data animals.

Page 3

Mac User Praying

Up until the release of OS9, there was a bug that caused Mac computers to freeze during startup.


A magazine aimed at men, containing stories and gravure shots.

Sign (Last Panel)

The sign reads Jungle Main Office. A pun on "Amazon", which is occasionally referred to by the Japanese as mitsurin (密林 - jungle).

Page 4

Crying Foreign Otaku

A reference to a TV program on the Japan Expo in France ( see here) At 1:20, the guy says "Loosesocks sont n'est plus populaire" - Loosesocks aren't popular anymore. His shirt nominally reads "Fuji-san", but here he's playing with the fact that most Japan-interested foreigners can't read kanji. The kanji here are different, and mean "rich earth mountain".

Page 5


Baseball cap with the logo of the Yomiuri Giants printed on it.

Page 6

Sign (Panel 1)

The sign reads "Giant Legend Keyboy". Probably a reference to the Doraemon movie, "Nobita and the Giant Legend", which has a character named "Key boy" (pronounced kibou) itself a pun on the word kibou (hope).

Newspaper (Panel 1)

The headline says "The Monster with 21 Faces". Originally a villain from Edogawa Ranpo's detective novels, it became associated with the Glico-Morinaga case.

Harumi's comics

Harumi's comic is named Asurato! Spring, a pun on both Yotsubato! and a poem collection by Miyazawa Kenji called "Spring and Asura".

Page 7

Panel 1

  • Managers calling you "Chimi Chimi"
    • Most managers would probably refer to you as "kimi", a somewhat intimate form of "you". "Chimi" is a slightly altered version of the word, and was coined by the founder of Toei Animation. Probably brought up in the list because Hiroshi Kamiya stated that he hated this word on SZBH.
  • 5-year olds saying "shimeshime"
    • In Studio Ghibli's Ponyo, the main character Sosuke likes to play around with a bucket, saying "shimeshime" while doing so.

Despair List

  • Otaku asking the original "your house, too?"
    • "O-taku" is the honorific referring to someone else's house. The usage of it applied to geeks developed during the 1980s.
  • Real domestic eel
    • A lot of eel is imported into Japan and prepared there, and is marketed as "Made in Japan".
  • 3470 yen
    • The price of the manga volume this was published in if you bought it along with the Goku DVD.
  • Address inside of the books
    • The post address for the book publisher is becoming increasingly more rare in printed books in Japan, and is being superceded by the publishing company's url.
  • Authors providing nude shots

Page 9

All Muhamuha

Reference to the comic Nagasarete Airantou, in which the protagonist lands on an island populated only by girls.

Page 10

Whale and Green Peas

Say it outloud. If you don't get it: see here.

Page 11

It's destroyed!

Here, instead of his normal Zetsuboushita, Sensei says Zetsumetsushita (絶滅した) which translates as "It's destroyed!" If there was an Itoshiki Metsu, his name could be crammed together to read Zetsumetsu.

Despair List

  • License fees
    • A fee charged to everyone in Japan with cable to support NHK.
  • To protect the copyright, most authors…
    • The reason you see most people and places (for example, Tokyo Disneyland) censored in gag manga is that the writers aren't even allowed to mention them.

Familiar Punchlines

Dream ending - chapter 47; Backstage ending - any chapter in which the extra page is about Kumeta or Maeda; Back to the beginning - chapter 149; circle gets smaller and smaller - Katteni Kaizo chapter 56; upsetting a superior - almost every other chapter of SZS.

We even had that last week

There was a huge fire at the end of chapter 147 when Chiri burned down the camp to start a campfire.

Page 13

Poster (panel 5)

The poster behind Usui reads "Negima reader survey". The big part of the pie chart reads "Bloomers", while the smaller portion reads "Punchline".

Sign (Last Panel)

The sign under the TV reads "As Advertised"

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